Thursday, October 6, 2016

Life Lately

There's really no sugar coating it. Life lately has been a little frazzled around here lately. At least for me. Lucy is going through some sort of change that really has me struggling. I never know if she's going to nap or not, she is waking up anywhere from 7:15 to 9:00am in the mornings which seems like a pretty big window, she throws fits when it's time to go in the carseat, stroller, grocery cart, or high chair. And don't even get me started on diaper changes. Everyone keeps saying it's just a phase, but I thought phases were supposed to pass in a week or two. She's either the sweetest baby in the world or the naughtiest . . . there's no in between! I managed to capture a few of her sweeter moments this week. 

We went to story time at the library on Monday, and Lucy found herself a spot right above the AC vent. She enjoyed the breeze while listening to the stories and songs. 

She also enjoyed a snack. 

Later on that day I was desperate for something new to do with an overly tired baby that wouldn't nap. I pulled a bag of brown rice out of the pantry, and she had a ball for about half an hour. 

This popped up on my Facebook feed the other day. Such a sweet little baby!

The other morning I woke up and needed an everything bagel for breakfast. #pregnancy When Lucy woke up I wrestled her into her carseat and we hit up the Tim Horton's drive thru. She made it clear the entire ride that she was very put out by having to get in the car right after waking up. I got her a donut hole for her troubles. 

Snack time after our Sing and Play class! A whole row of cute kiddos. 

Lucy's obsession with the couch and its pillows continues. 

On Tuesday evening, my mama friends and I got together for a MUCH needed Moms Night Out. We met for a quick dinner and had our 1st Annual Scarf Exchange. 

It was pretty tame. No one stole anyone else's scarf, and everyone was happy with the scarf they received. It was a quick night, but great to get together sans babies. Love these ladies! It's so crazy to think that I didn't even know them 16 months ago, but now they're such a big part of my life. Soon we'll have twelve babies between the seven of us!

Still going strong with the milk out of a sippy cup.  Morning snuggles are my favorite. 

It's hard enough to keep track of my own sunnies, and now Lucy wants hers all the time as well. She tries to put them on top of her head like me, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. 

Lucy's new fleece sleep sack arrived in the mail this week. I opened it up and showed it to her, and she immediately did this. 

It's supposed to go down into the 40's at night next week, so we'll be needing this!

That's our week so far. Not pictured are all the tears and tantrums. I suppose it can't always be sunshine and rainbows, though. It's hard to stay frustrated when she's throwing things in the dog bowl one minute and then kissing and hugging me the next. I feel like such a stereotypical mom right now . . . wondering what I'm doing wrong . . . what I should do differently . . . laying in bed at night giving myself a pep talk about all the ways I can stay positive the next day. 

Enjoy the weekend. It's supposed to be a beautiful one! Believe it or not, we are going out to dinner with friends Saturday night while Lucy stays at home with my mom! I'm going to put on my best pair of maternity jeans and enjoy a delicious non-alcoholic water. Who knows, if we're feeling really crazy we might even stay out past 9:00! ;)



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