Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Book Review

I had a good stretch going where I was reading quite consistently. But then I realized that's ALL I was doing! I'd read away an entire nap time or forget to change the laundry before bed because I was focused on my book. That can only mean one thing: all four books in this review were excellent! I didn't want to put them down . . . not even to do the dishes. ha! 

So follow Lucy's lead and cuddle up with a blankie and a good book!

You know I'm a sucker for a good Elin Hilderbrand book. This one is about the three wives of a celebrity chef who gather at their former home on Nantucket after their ex-husband dies suddenly. They gather together to fulfill the final wishes of the man they all loved at one time in their lives. The plot is very intriguing as it unfolds through a series of flashbacks and memories. 

I really enjoyed this book. Amazon randomly recommended it to me on my home screen one day. Thank you, Amazon! This book follows the life of Amanda Luker, a girl trying to make something of her life after growing up in a poor, small town in Florida. She ends up working on a campaign for a senator she meets while working in a hotel, and the book chronicles how her life changes as she works for the senator and his wife throughout the years. There were definitely a few twists and turns as the book goes on, and I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable. 

This book sucked me in from page one. It's about a girl who marries the love of her life, only to have him disappear in a plane crash over the ocean near Alaska on their one year anniversary. With her husband presumed dead, Emma eventually comes to terms with her new life and starts to move on. Years later she falls in love with another great guy. One night as they are finalizing their wedding details, Emma gets a phone call . . . . from her first husband! What will she do? Which man will she choose? Is it really possible to have two true loves? Read the book and find out!

Another easy breezy read, this book was a very enjoyable nap time book. It's about a woman who has built a life for herself as a teacher in Boston. When the future of her job comes into question, she returns home to her small town in Connecticut to regroup and plan. However, she runs into an old flame who forces her to reconsider what she really wants to do with her life. 

Hope you enjoy at least one of these!


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