Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Recap

Sorry about the late post. I started typing this Sunday night at my mom and dad's. I had jury duty today, and Matt is out of town all week for work, so I had planned on leaving Lucy with my parents while I went downtown. Well, Lucy had other ideas. That sweet baby girl came down with a cold on Sunday morning and was not happy about being in a different crib. When 11:15pm rolled around and she was still awake and crying, I decided to pack up and head back home. By 12:30 she was sleeping somewhat peacefully in her own crib, and I unpacked and grabbed a few hours sleep before jury duty.

And then, after doing LOTS of waiting, guess who was selected as Juror #1 for a trial? . . .me! Insert all the crying emojis right here! The judge said to expect the trial to last all week. So not only am I away from my sweet baby all week, but Matty is out of town! And that also means no first day of our Sing and Play class tomorrow and no trip to Birch Run and Frankenmuth that was scheduled for Wednesday. I swear, if people could just follow all the rules and laws, this week would be a lot easier! ;)

So this will most likely be my only post this week. Enjoy the pics!

Thursday morning we went to Funtastic, where Lucy had fun playing with the balls . . . 

 . . . having snack with cute little boys . . . 

 . . . and pushing chairs down the long hallway!

Thursday evening we went out to dinner in downtown Plymouth. We sat outside, and Lucy had a good time pointing out every airplane that flew by. 

She woke up full of mischief Friday morning. Daddy left the coaster and the remote within reach. I think she thought she hit the jackpot!

Lucy wasn't too happy about starting her day off with a flu shot. She bounced back pretty quickly, though. 

Five mums, one hay bale, three pumpkins, a stroller, and a baby. It all fit! #lovemyflex

She found her old Bumbo seat in her closet and had fun getting in and out of it for about fifteen minutes. 

Even after putting herself into this cozy position all on her own, she still refused her afternoon nap. 

We had a guest this weekend so Lucy had to share her playroom with our air mattress. At first she enjoyed having it blown up underneath her . . .

 . . . but then she got a little nervous and hung out in Daddy's lap. 

She still wasn't sure about it once it was all blown up. 

While Daddy was tailgating on Saturday, Lucy and I went to Barnes and Noble to play with the trains. It was all fun and games until she had an epic diaper leak on the ride home. Turns out that, despite what the directions say, her carseat inserts actually can go in the washer. Who has the time to hand wash an entire car seat cover?! #livingontheedge

After an outfit change, I came in from the garage and found this happening. 

Who needs a Pottery Barn chair when you have a dog?!

Lucy rarely falls asleep on walks, but when she does, she's super cute!

Lucy had her first taste of one of Papa's famous chocolate malts on Sunday. She definitely enjoyed it! Too bad she didn't enjoy bed time as much!

Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful weather! 


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