Thursday, September 29, 2016

Life Lately

Oh hey there, Thursday! Life lately has been pretty busy. On Monday morning we went to Family Story Time at the library. It's for kids five years old and under. It was fairly crowded and fairly crazy, but pretty fun. I don't have a single picture, though! I set my bag down against the wall and didn't go back to it the entire hour! Boo!

Lucy loves looking at her pinwheel spinning in our garden. I love being able to layer and mix and match patterns with all her fall clothes. 

Tuesday morning Lucy woke up with soaked pajamas because her diaper had leaked. I took the opportunity to wash everything in her crib, including her three lovies. One of her lovies is a fish that looks like Nemo. I thought I had successfully snuck everything out of her room and into the washer, until a few minutes later I heard Lucy start to cry while I was making her breakfast. I went to go find her, and she was standing in front of the washing machine pointing and crying as Nemo went round and round inside! I forgot to close the door to the laundry room, and she just had to find those lovies! She was not pleased. 

A little independent play time gave me a chance to finish getting ready and load the car before heading out for the morning. 

Tuesday morning was Lucy's first Sing and Play class! We no longer Cuddle and Bounce. Now that Lucy is one we Sing and Play! How cute is this picture?!

In case you didn't know we have a toddler in the house! 

Lucy has been down to one nap a day for about a month now. Even with our busy mornings this week, that one nap has been a struggle. Here we are after half an hour of rocking in the chair. Still. Not. Napping.

Not a bad view of the park in the morning!

When looking out her playroom window, Lucy looks directly into the backyard of the house across the street. Someone had left out a big beach ball, and it was all she could look at the other morning. At one point she attempted to go outside and get it! Don't worry, our front door is always locked, and we have a safety lock way up at the top that is always engaged. 

I had to redo the Moms Group bulletin board at church, and (un)fortunately, they had a bunch of balloons in the hallway to keep Lucy busy. It wasn't pretty when we had to leave without one. 

Sometimes on rainy days you just have to take your lunch to the foodcourt at the mall!

The duck on the side of this game kept Lucy happy for a long time!

You know what doesn't make Lucy happy? Pants! Or new boots! She's not been loving the cooler temps because she's developed an aversion to pants lately. Also, I bought her a pair of super cute Baby Bogs for the fall/winter. She was less than thrilled about them. I can appreciate her desire to go pantsless (can't we all?!), but I cannot comprehend, nor do I appreciate, a crabby reaction to a new pair of boots. That sweet baby has to learn to appreciate a new pair of shoes! ;)

So that's about it. We were supposed to go to the apple orchard with our friends today, but it got cancelled because of the rain. I'm hoping to still go to Story Time, but we have someone coming to look at our hot water system so that might interfere. Totally worth it, though, if my shower quits going cold halfway through!!

This weekend we have Matty's company picnic at Wiard's Orchard. I'm excited for Lucy to experience all things apple orchard . . . minus the bees, of course!

Have a great weekend!


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