Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Matty took a few extra days off for Labor Day weekend, and we headed up to the cottage for five days of family fun. 

Snort got to read some books on the way up, courtesy of Lucy. 

We arrived at lunchtime on Friday. Lucy hadn't slept at all on the drive up, so she ate and then went down for a nap. Mama, daddy, and Grandma Rita followed her lead! It was fairly chilly on Friday, so we opened the windows and Matty and I snuggled up on the couch. It was wonderful!

Not a bad view for the end of summer. 

It was actually pretty nice to get to wear long pants and sweatshirts for a change. I enjoyed it while it lasted because by Monday we were back to 90 degrees and sweating!

Sarah and Brian enjoying some baby-free time on the boat!

We took the kiddos to a new playground on the other side of the lake one day. Uncle Brian was kind enough to give Matty and Lucy a push on the swings. 

She wasn't too thrilled with the swings. She did like the slides, though. 

In theory, a playground by the lake is a nice idea . . . unless your toddler wants to run toward the water every chance she gets!

Lucy was obsessed with wearing Tommy's hats on the boat. 

Speaking of Tommy, that little dude loves his Uncle Matty!

He also enjoyed looking at the dingos out on the deck. 

Don't let that sweet face fool you. We barely made it up the driveway before he started pulling on Lucy's hair, and we had to take Lucy out to calm her down. 

The chilly weather didn't stop this sweet girl from doing her favorite boat activity . . . playing with the ice in the cooler. 

The future captain of the boat!

Lucy was so sweet with Tommy . . . when she wanted to be!

Lucy had woken up from a nap and was having a snack while sitting on top of Daddy who was watching football. Life was pretty good!

We had a five minute silly session with Lucy and a colander. Tommy followed her around watching, and they were so cute!

Breakfast buddies.

Lucy woke up from her nap and was happy as a clam while I talked to her in her crib. Until Tommy crawled in, and I picked him up . . . then she totally lost it! 

She had a great time making rock piles on the front walkway. 

Matty and Sarah with the babies. 

Lucy's obsession with Tommy's hats continues. This time, she didn't even bother to take off her own hat!

I think Aunt Sarah and Lucy are admiring Lucy's chubby thighs in this picture. 

Matty's Aunt Marie sent a box of books from when her son was a baby. Lucy had a good time organizing them in the book cube and listening to a story about Bugs Bunny. Thanks, Aunt Marie!!

Shirtless selfies are hilarious! It was 60 degrees on Friday and 90 degrees on Tuesday!

My front seat companion for the drive home. 

Sydney likes to ham it up for the camera. 

Lucy took a very short nap in the car on the drive home and wouldn't nap in the afternoon. She obviously regretted her choice when it was time to go to the grocery!

We had such a fun weekend to wrap up a great summer. Don't let the pictures fool you, though. It wasn't all fun and games.

Not pictured:

1. When Matty put Lucy down the curly slide by herself and I freaked out.
2. All the times Lucy tried to hit, swat, push, and terrorize Tommy whenever he tried to play with a toy she wanted.
3. The time we were scrambling to get dinner together for everyone because it was getting close to baby bedtime. I had just finished preparing Lucy's and Tommy's plates. I stepped away from the counter for a second, and Lucy reached up and pulled her entire plate onto the floor. Girl's getting tall!

I'm ready for some cooler (hopefully!) weather, and to start our fall routine. One last class for my teacher recertification. The return of Cuddle and Bounce . . . wait, it's called Sing and Play now that she's one! Story time at the library. A regular gym routine so Lucy can finally get used to the child care room. Bring on the apple orchards and the football . . . we're ready!!

But first . . .another week of temps in the 80s and 90s!

Have a great week!


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