Sunday, September 11, 2016

Grandparents Day Celebration

Sunday was Grandparents Day, and Lucy invited her grandparents over for a lunchtime celebration. She worked really hard to decorate the dining room and making chicken noodle soup and chocolate chip cookies for lunch!

When we first moved into our house, I was not thrilled about this wall that is actually a waterfall. The water has since been turned off, and the wall has become an integral part of decorating for holidays and parties. 

I had intended to make a cute Happy Grandparents Day banner to hang, but time got away from me. When I found this chalkboard on clearance at Michaels for $2.50, I knew it was just what I needed! I added a bunch of pictures of Lucy with her grandparents, and the wall was complete!

Scrapbook paper, a fall leaf placemat, and a $5 bouquet of mums from Kroger, and the table was ready to go!

Lucy couldn't get enough cookies! Eventually, we just had to remove them from the table. #outofsightoutofmind

Matty and his mama.

Papa scooped Lucy up for a quick snuggle. She wasn't interested. 

She was more concerned with pushing her stroller around the house. Oh, and what do you dress your baby in when it seems too cool in the house for shorts but not cool enough for pants? Baby capris, of course!!

The hostess with her Oma and Papa. 

Always being silly!

Speaking of silly, Lucy thought it was hilarious to try to throw herself out of Grandma Ri's arms!

For gifts, Lucy gave her grandparents a card with a heart made from her footprints . . .

 . . . and a silhouette to commemorate her chubby cheeks, adorable nose, long eyelashes and the craziness of her ponytail sprout. 

After dessert and gifts, our little hostess was exhausted and excused herself for a nice, long nap. 
What a fun celebration to honor some special people in Lucy's life!



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