Thursday, September 29, 2016

Life Lately

Oh hey there, Thursday! Life lately has been pretty busy. On Monday morning we went to Family Story Time at the library. It's for kids five years old and under. It was fairly crowded and fairly crazy, but pretty fun. I don't have a single picture, though! I set my bag down against the wall and didn't go back to it the entire hour! Boo!

Lucy loves looking at her pinwheel spinning in our garden. I love being able to layer and mix and match patterns with all her fall clothes. 

Tuesday morning Lucy woke up with soaked pajamas because her diaper had leaked. I took the opportunity to wash everything in her crib, including her three lovies. One of her lovies is a fish that looks like Nemo. I thought I had successfully snuck everything out of her room and into the washer, until a few minutes later I heard Lucy start to cry while I was making her breakfast. I went to go find her, and she was standing in front of the washing machine pointing and crying as Nemo went round and round inside! I forgot to close the door to the laundry room, and she just had to find those lovies! She was not pleased. 

A little independent play time gave me a chance to finish getting ready and load the car before heading out for the morning. 

Tuesday morning was Lucy's first Sing and Play class! We no longer Cuddle and Bounce. Now that Lucy is one we Sing and Play! How cute is this picture?!

In case you didn't know we have a toddler in the house! 

Lucy has been down to one nap a day for about a month now. Even with our busy mornings this week, that one nap has been a struggle. Here we are after half an hour of rocking in the chair. Still. Not. Napping.

Not a bad view of the park in the morning!

When looking out her playroom window, Lucy looks directly into the backyard of the house across the street. Someone had left out a big beach ball, and it was all she could look at the other morning. At one point she attempted to go outside and get it! Don't worry, our front door is always locked, and we have a safety lock way up at the top that is always engaged. 

I had to redo the Moms Group bulletin board at church, and (un)fortunately, they had a bunch of balloons in the hallway to keep Lucy busy. It wasn't pretty when we had to leave without one. 

Sometimes on rainy days you just have to take your lunch to the foodcourt at the mall!

The duck on the side of this game kept Lucy happy for a long time!

You know what doesn't make Lucy happy? Pants! Or new boots! She's not been loving the cooler temps because she's developed an aversion to pants lately. Also, I bought her a pair of super cute Baby Bogs for the fall/winter. She was less than thrilled about them. I can appreciate her desire to go pantsless (can't we all?!), but I cannot comprehend, nor do I appreciate, a crabby reaction to a new pair of boots. That sweet baby has to learn to appreciate a new pair of shoes! ;)

So that's about it. We were supposed to go to the apple orchard with our friends today, but it got cancelled because of the rain. I'm hoping to still go to Story Time, but we have someone coming to look at our hot water system so that might interfere. Totally worth it, though, if my shower quits going cold halfway through!!

This weekend we have Matty's company picnic at Wiard's Orchard. I'm excited for Lucy to experience all things apple orchard . . . minus the bees, of course!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kissel Party of FOUR!!!

This might be my most exciting post yet! I don't even know where to start! I guess at the beginning.

Last year I did a Thanksgiving post where I briefly addressed our struggles with infertility. Lucy was our gift after years and years of struggles, disappointments, and more than a few tears. We were so happy to have her and basically had decided not to pursue IVF again. We have a healthy, beautiful baby girl. We had used up all of our resources, so we would've had to start the process at square one. Financially and emotionally . . . we just weren't interested in doing that to ourselves again. 

But then at the end of July I was feeling a little "off" after putting Lucy to bed one evening. I had one random pregnancy test left so I figured I'd take it and rule out pregnancy . . . as usual. You can imagine our surprise when I nonchalantly went to grab it after a few minutes and it said "PREGNANT!!!" There was a lot of disbelief, goofy smiles, and "what?!" being said. Matty has a funny picture of me sitting on the side of our tub in disbelief. I chose not to share that one ;) There may have even been a high five or two!

Here we are after taking the first test. . . . before I guzzled a ton of water and then ran to Target at 9pm to get another box of tests! 

At the fertility clinic, I was monitored very closely with Lucy from the time of conception. You can imagine my surprise when I called my regular OB, and they said they don't do first appointments until 8 weeks. What?! Longest 8 weeks ever!! At first we were going to wait to tell our families until after our first doctor appointment, but we only made it to 6 weeks. I was not feeling the greatest. I wanted to nap and rest more than usual, which is hard to hide from people when you're supposed to be watching an active toddler all day. I needed some help!

So here's a picture of our second ultrasound at about 11 weeks. The head is on the right. The baby is actually facing down, though. As of now, my due date is April 7, 2017!! However, the doctor said the baby seems to measuring about a week ahead so they might change the date when they do my gender ultrasound. Matty says it's because I'm growing a big baby boy in there. We shall see!

In fact, Matty's so sure it's a boy that he picked up this onesie at Babies R Us a few weeks ago. If it turns out he's wrong, I can probably girl it up with a blue headband!  :)

Here's Lucy checking out the picture of her new sibling. She was the first person we told, and she did a great job keeping it a secret!

Remember those extra naps and rest times I was talking about??

We had this adorable shirt made for Lucy for when we told our families six weeks ago. However, we didn't do this photo shoot until this past weekend, and someone must have grown a bit. Big Sister is getting too big for her shirt!

Lucy is ready to show her new little sibling lots of things. Like how to meet doggies at the park . . .

 . . . how to collect leaves . . .

 . . . and how to go down the slide!

Here we are this past Friday. I know some people aren't down with sharing a lot about their pregnancies. I am not one of those people! Buckle up and enjoy the photo ride!

Our official announcement!

So that's our big news! Not bad, right?! Lots of changes and decisions in the coming months. But perhaps the most important . . . what am I going to call the blog once the new baby comes?? It won't just be life with Lucy Belle anymore!! Not only do I have to name the baby, but I also have to rename our little slice of the Internet! Feel free to toss out some suggestions . . . for the baby or the blog!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend Recap

I heard from a few loyal readers that they missed having multiple posts last week. Sorry about that. Last week was a doozy, and I'm so ready to put it behind me! Matty is home, jury duty is over, Lucy is starting to feel better . . . all is right in my world again!

I was so frazzled last week that I didn't even take very many pictures. I'll start with the few that I have and then move into the weekend.

Last Monday Matty was on Lucy duty until about 10:00 when my mom came to relieve him so he could leave for his trip. Apparently they drank milk, read books . . . .

 . . . and tried on my slippers!

One of the evenings last week my mom, Lucy, and I went out to dinner. My mom had soup, and Lucy pretty much ate most of it. She started off letting my mom feed her, then she wanted to fill the spoon herself, and toward the end she actually dipped her hand into the bowl!

Lucy understands that stressful weeks call for ice cream. 

One morning Lucy, very helpfully, unpacked my lunch for me!

We also treated ourselves to pizza last Thursday evening. I cut a piece up for Lucy but she didn't eat it. She was getting fussy so I took her out of her high chair. As we passed by the full pieces she started fussing and pointing so I gave her one. She ate the whole thing!

Lucy and I walk to the mailbox every day to get the mail. This cable postcard arrived one day last week. Lucy was carrying it around the house saying "Dada! Dada!" Definitely made me giggle.  Also, if I had a dollar for every time Lucy looked at me and said, "Dada?" last week I'd be rich! Every time my phone would ring or I'd get a text, she'd yell out "Dada!" But when we FaceTimed with Matty, she spent most of the time running in and out of the camera or showing him her tongue!

Matty went to bed early Thursday night, got up at 3:00am Friday morning to hit the road, and was home to us by 9:30am! It was great! Within five minutes of walking in the door, Lucy had him on the couch reading books to her. 

Because you know we like to get crazy on the weekends, we went to the La Z Boy store on Friday night. Matty was in heaven, and is convinced we need to get one. But not necessarily the unattractive one pictured below. 

Matty loved the chair, Lucy loved the remote! 

Lucy sat down in front of these dog statues and stared at them for awhile. I didn't mind. Do you know how many $100+ vases they have sitting out on coffee tables at this store? A LOT!!

Saturday we went to Sadie's 7th birthday party! This is the closest thing I have to getting a picture with her. 

And this is the best we could do with a family photo. Lucy warmed up to the party situation quite nicely and had more important things to do than sit for a photo. 

Like wear Uncle Zack's hat. 

Or steal Gordie's backpack!

Or eat a delicious cookie shaped like a carrot. 

Lucy got a doll as a party favor. She was pretty happy about it. 

Hugs and Kisses! Also, notice that the dolly's hat comes off but is attached by a string in the back. Again, if I had a dollar for every time Lucy took the hat off and then yelled "uh oh!" while handing it to me to fix, I'd be rich. Thanks, Aunt Carla!!

Sunday morning babies and bottles. 

There are so many cute things going on in this picture. Lucy's top knot, her adorable pj's, how tightly she's hugging her new dolly, and, finally, her adorable new slippers that my friend Amber made for her! With their non-skid bottoms, they are perfect for the tile floors on these chilly fall mornings!

She was happy to see them on her feet!

Speaking of chilly fall mornings . . . they are perfect for snuggling up with a blanket during a walk!

We ran some errands and had Thai food for lunch on Sunday afternoon. Lucy passed up her lunch to eat all the shrimp chips instead. She also liked the mural on the wall behind her. 

Lots of love going on in the backseat!

Watching the Lions game with her daddy and playing with her new sparkly shoes . . . that were too small so I already returned them :(

So that's about it. We had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather. This week we have our first Sing and Play class and our first trip of the season to the apple orchard! #bringonthedonuts

Oh yeah, and you might want to check back on Tuesday. I've got an extra special post planned! ;)

Have a great week!