Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekend Recap

We didn't have any official plans this weekend, but still managed to keep pretty busy . . . and fit in a few naps for ourselves while Lucy was napping! Successful weekend, indeed!

Oma was over on Thursday and helped Lucy contribute to her college fund. 

Lucy's first official spaghetti dinner. She took a bite or two and then painted her tray with the rest. 

Matty surprised both Lucy and me when he brought Lucy home a little cattle dog stuffed animal that looks like a mini version of Sydney! We often call Sydney "Tiny," so this stuffed animal has been dubbed Tiny Tiny . . . and she loves it!

You know she's sleeping hard when I can get in there and take a picture without her even moving. I'd love to be able to crawl in there and cuddle up with her. 

We've been having a little trouble with Lucy giving her food to the dogs. I swear, if we could just get a string of not so hot days I'd put them out on the patio during mealtime! Anyways, Friday afternoon I lovingly but sternly explained that grilled cheese was for Lucy to eat, not the doggies. Lucy thought about it for a few seconds and here's how she processed that info. 

We had an impromptu play date with Greta at the library on Friday afternoon, and the girlies had such a good time!

Doesn't everyone make a beeline for the copy room to read their books??

And then they kissed goodbye! I only caught the tail end of it, so I asked them to do it again . . .

 . . . and caught this! And just when I thought it couldn't get any cuter . . .

 . . .Greta gave Lucy an ear massage! hahaha

Lucy loves getting her teeth brushed, as long as it's her daddy that does it. 

When life gives you a lemon . . . you try to eat it!

We went out for Thai food Saturday afternoon. Despite her seriousness in this picture, Lucy enjoyed her new disposable placemats. My SIL, Sarah, introduced me to these, and they are fantastic. Way easier than the reusable silicone one I was constantly cramming into a plastic bag and then forgetting to wash when I got home! Order these from Amazon. You won't regret it. 

And because we like to live it up on the weekends, we went to Home Depot around 7:30 Saturday evening to look at refrigerators. I wanted Lucy to test out the "fingerprint free" claims that a lot of the fridges had, but she was more interested in walking up and down the long aisle. 

Lucy was having a hard time falling asleep Saturday night, which is totally understandable. I got overly excited about the refrigerators as well. I went in to calm her cries and rock her a bit. Matty caught this sweet moment while he was stalking me on the monitor. Love my girl. And she loves her Nemo fish stuffy. 

Sunday morning started off with a trip to Domino's Farms. We took so many pictures that I'm going to make it a separate post for later in the week, but here's a little preview.  ;)

Lucy has been super into playing with her container of ponytail holders this weekend. So this afternoon I gave her my mini muffin tin to put them in. Then I pulled out some different sized puff balls from my old teaching bins, and we had a busy girl all afternoon! She sorted them, she put them in the tin, she took them out of the tin, she put hair ties on everyone's fingers and toes. It was great!

Our great weekend ended with a walk up to Potbelly for an Oreo malt. We walked briskly, so I think we earned the malt! ;) 

And finally, look how unbelievably adorable 10 month old Tommy is! (Brian, I stole this from your FB page since it wasn't sent directly to me!)

We have a busy week ahead before heading up to the cottage for Labor Day. We're supposed to have great weather all week long. Looking forward to lots of outdoor time!

Have a great week!


  1. Oh my, that pout!!! Makes me smile because it's so cute but sad because she got in trouble!