Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

Lucy and I were on our own this weekend because Matty was in Kentucky for a work golf outing. We missed him a lot, but managed to keep ourselves busy. 

Oma came over on Thursday and brought Lucy a giraffe bib she had made! Lucy enjoyed pointing out the giraffes. 

Unfortunately, Lucy discovered a new body part on Thursday. Her daddy could not be prouder!

Cooling off after dinner by drinking the hose water! I think she learned this move from her doggies. 

When we play in the pool right before bath time, I usually let Lucy go without a swim diaper so that she can feel a little free! Check out that baby wedgie!

Matty's coworkers met up at our house bright and early Friday morning to head to Lexington. One of the guys bought everyone golf balls with their picture on it!

The balls must have been lucky. Matt's foursome came in 2nd place! We shall be dining out soon with the $25 Outback gift card he got as a prize. #chocolatethunderfromdownunder

Meanwhile, Lucy and I spent some time being glamorous. 

We headed to Oma and Papa's house for a sleepover Friday night. Lucy takes her tea time very seriously. 

I wanted a snack and chose to eat my apple whole because it was easier, and I thought I could chow down quickly without sharing with Lucy. I was wrong. She loved eating from the big apple and probably got more than I did!

Friday's dinner was not her best performance. There was fussing, food throwing, and hair pulling. I thought all babies were supposed to like mashed potatoes?!

A post dinner cruise around the yard with the grandmas.

And a post dinner swim with Papa! These two are slowly starting to be buddies!

Lucy got a bath and went right to sleep while Papa made his delicious chocolate malts for the rest of the gang. #slurpingisnecessary

We like to send Matty selfies when he's away. Lu wasn't feeling it Sunday morning. 

Daddy and Lucy were happily reunited on Sunday and spent some quality time together watching the Olympics and drinking milk. 

Finally, I saw this in a magazine and thought it sounded like a great idea. Seems like $4 a mission is a great way for a child to spend his or her allowance. However, I don't see why it has to be a school-aged child. If I strapped one of these things to Lucy, she'd be feeding a lot of kids!

Have a great week! 


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