Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend Recap

Well, it's Monday night and I had a whole lotta nothing to look forward to all day because the Bachelorette is over. This must be what Matty feels like when football season is over. Empty and alone.

Thankfully, I had tons of cute pictures from our extra long weekend to look at, so that filled the void in my Monday night. 

Friday morning started with some dress up time for Firedog Sydney. 

We had a play date at the pool scheduled for Friday morning. Just like our last pool date, here's what Lucy was doing when we were supposed to be swimming. #wewerelate #again

We made it eventually, and had a nice little lunch picnic with our friends. 

We brought along some Tim Bits. To say they were a hit with Lucy and Ella would be an understatement. I made the mistake of letting Lucy have one before lunch, and that's all she wanted. We had to hide the box so Lucy could focus up on her lunch. Once it was brought back out again, these little ladies grabbed and ran! The mamas grabbed, sat, and savored!

Following my peeps at our wild Friday night out at Holiday Market. Lucy made it quite clear that she was not going to sit in the cart, so she walked around with her daddy. 

She squeals pretty loudly at the balloons!

Matty did a great job of entertaining Lucy while I was finishing the packing for the cottage on Saturday morning. 

We arrived right around lunch time and had a delicious lunch on the deck.

And Lucy got her first taste of an ice cream sandwich. 

Hamming it up on the boat, and drinking from mama's water bottle . . . always. 

Delivering drinks to her daddy. Matty has been waiting for this day for 14 months!

You've gotta have cool shades to be a Kissel!

Who had two chocolate chips for dessert?? This girl!

We forgot to bring the doggie beds out when we arrived . . . but Snort found them and made himself comfy. 

A day on the lake wiped this sweet baby out!

Lucy rested up and woke up full of energy Sunday morning. This picture is blurry, but I love it. Matty put a swim diaper on Lucy's head and she came barreling down the hallway to show me . . . with Snort hot on her heels!

Lucy found Orange Dog in the toy bin. It's not ours, so it must be cousin Tommy's. She LOVED it . . .

 . . . and was devastated when I said Orange Dog couldn't join us on our walk. Don't worry, I gave her some Fruit Loops to eat in the stroller and she calmed right down. 

Fun at the island with daddy!

The swim diaper hat made another appearance. She loved it!

Lucy grabbed one of daddy's beers and pretended to drink it. 

But then she dropped it and the tiniest little hole opened up in the middle of the can and beer started shooting out. Matty did his best to not let it go to waste. 

Speaking of Matty . . . he enjoyed a BLT with a homegrown garden tomato for lunch on Sunday. He was super excited about it and asked if I wanted to photograph him while he took his first bite. Did I ever!

The dogs aren't allowed in Lucy's room at home. They do their best to abide by our rules wherever we go. #imaginarybabygate

Daddy/daughter lake selfie. 

Snort was living the life on the ride home!

Grandma Ri is in Bloomington taking care of cousin Tommy, so we FaceTime'd them on the way home. Lucy and Tommy  had a great conversation. Tommy was super interested, obviously. 

Lucy uses all of her teeth to steal the spoon when we feed her. 

What a great weekend! We couldn't have asked for better weather. It turned out to be just the three of us at the lake this time. At first, we were a little bummed that no one else could make it, but it turned out to be really nice. Lucy was an absolute delight, and she was also a champion sleeper which meant that mommy and daddy got to relax quite a bit as well. 

Have a great week!


  1. Baby cousin FaceTime session is pretty cute! Glad you had some quality relaxation time at the cottage.