Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been a little different this week. It turns out that Lucy did not have a bad reaction to her 15 month shots . . . she actually had Roseola. She's had it once before, but not nearly as bad. Monday morning brought a pretty bad red rash all over her body which took us back to the doctor for the Roseola diagnosis. So this week Lucy has been fussy on and off, not eating much, and sleeping a ton . . . all while we've been sticking close to home.

She wasn't feeling her oatmeal muffin for breakfast, but she sure thought mama was funny when I asked for a high five.

Lucy isn't able to play in the pool this week because of some welts in her diaper area caused by the Roseola. I got her a bubble mower to have something new to play with outside. After a little investigation . . .

 . . . she decided that she likes it! She'll be making some awesome stripe marks like her daddy in no time.

Monday evening we snuck out for a little date night with the Heinbuchs. It was a beautiful night to walk around Old Plymouth for a restaurant crawl. 

After sleeping for 13 hours, someone woke up happy on Tuesday morning. 

And ready to investigate. ;)

Lucy kept busy Tuesday afternoon by moving ice cubes from one container to another one by one. It was great to just sit there and watch her work. Unfortunately, the warm weather made sure that her game couldn't last too long!

Another 13 hours of sleep, but she woke up a little sad and weepy on Wednesday morning. If you look closely, you can see the rash on her cheek from the Roseola. 

She perked up pretty quickly once she got her hands on a coaster she's not supposed to have. That sweet baby brought it right over to show me, though!

Lucy continues to be an excellent laundry helper. 

I asked her to bring me that yellow towel and she did! I told her she was such a big girl . . . and the arms went right up! So Big!

Lucy spent a good part of Wednesday afternoon trying to get her dogs to eat wood chips. And, yes, she stayed in her pajamas all day long!

Somebody got herself into a little pickle that daddy had to help her out of. 

Wednesday night was Moms Night Out! We had so much fun. We went to dinner at Hayden's and then went to the show to see Bad Moms. So funny! You should definitely see it with your girlfriends. That way you can LOL at the husband parts without feeling guilty ;)

I honestly can't remember the last time I went to the show to see a movie. I do know, though, that whenever it was they didn't have chairs like the Canton Emagine. They pretty much fully reclined . . .with foot rests!! It was like watching a movie in a Lazy Boy! None of us wanted to get up when the movie was over. 

But we got up, snapped some pics, and headed back home. Such a fun night with all my mama friends!

Hope everyone's having a great week!



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