Thursday, August 11, 2016

Life Lately

A little late on the post today. Mama went out last night and stayed out late. And by late I mean 10:00pm. There was no time for blogging when I got home . . . only snoozing!

Let's start out with a few gems from last week that I forgot to share. 

Did you know that Lucy likes bagels? Really, really likes bagels. 

Grandma Rita is building a new house! Last week, Lucy and I made the trek out to Bloomfield Hills with Rita to browse all the different types of granite, cabinets, hardwood, tile, etc. that she has to choose from. Lucy conserved her energy on the way by falling asleep. But not before carefully placing her elephant lovie on top of her head. 

She rallied once we arrived, and thought that this chair would be a great addition to Gram's new house because it's good for banging on. (Not pictured is the round, turquoise rug in the living room area that Lucy, in all her lady-like glory, deemed a great rug to squat, grunt, and make a poopy diaper on!)

Once we returned from a trip to the back of the car to change said diaper (no changing stations in the bathrooms?!), we were able to check out some cool kitchen set ups. I liked this look a lot! The backsplash might be a little too busy for my taste, but I love the cabinets and granite. 

We are taking a picture in the bathroom with the kitchen behind us. Probably not the most hygienic set up for when it's time to build the actual house.  ;)

Then we started the long . . .

  . . . oh so long walk back to the car. 

Speaking of walking, this little lady already knows her way to the park!

Yesterday we tried to beat the heat at a play date with the coolest pool ever. 

Lucy could not have cared less about the pool, but she did spend most of the hour trying to climb on the table or going up and down the stairs on the deck. 

Or eating all the pineapple she could get her hands on. And apparently a piece of chocolate zucchini bread too!

My friend Lisa is a seamstress and used Lucy as a model to size this adorable fall coat she's making. 

In an attempt to help Lucy improve her very poor stair climbing skills, as demonstrated at our play date, Lisa sent us home with these two foam stair toys. As you can see, LuLu was working very hard while I was out to dinner and daddy was watching her. 

It took me about thirty minutes to drive to my friend Jeanette's house to pick her up for dinner. In that time I got about four texts from Matty. Don't worry, I ignored them until I wasn't driving anymore. That didn't stop him from keeping me up to date. Here's a screen shot of some texts Matty sent me:

We've been watching quite a bit of Olympics in real time, which means we are actually seeing commercials as well! Has anyone seen the one for Google Photos where all of these amazing moments are happening as just as people go to take a picture they get a notification on their phone that there's not enough storage? I told Matty that I find that commercial equal parts funny and stressful. 

And then I went to take a picture of Lucy yesterday and this happened!

Note: I do use the Google Photos, but you still have to take the time to go through and delete the photos from your actual phone . . . which I never take the time to do. #lessonlearned

Oh well, at least I didn't miss something amazing, like Lucy holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa (that's only funny if you've seen the commercial, btw). 

Saw this on Instagram the other day and it made me chuckle. I think, for me, #3 would be "I'll empty the dishwasher."

That's all folks. Have a great weekend!


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