Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Domino's Farms

Last Sunday we took Lucy to the petting farm at Domino's Farms. We got there early thinking we'd beat the heat and humidity. We were wrong. We did beat the crowds, though, so that was nice!

This was our first trip to the petting farm, and it did not disappoint. All three of us enjoyed the visit. 

Our first stop was the chickens. 

Lucy doesn't like to eat them, but she sure did like to chase them!

Daddy and Lucy are ready to see some animals!

First up in the barn was this gigantic horse. There was a sign that said "Please don't feed me." #noproblem

He had some stylish bangs.

At first Lucy was interested . . . 

 . . . but then maybe wanted to get away!

On to the goats! They were so cute!

Feeding carrots to the goats. They were so gentle. 

It's licking her hand!!

The first of many sanitizing wipes!

Next, we moved outside to the sheep . . . they sure weren't camera shy!

I think Matty and I were debating whether or not we should let Lucy feed them the carrot by herself. 

Look at those tongues!!

This was either a llama or an alpaca. I know, it's bad that I don't know the difference! Whatever it was, though, this particular one had some crazy big teeth!

Goat selfie!

We finally let her run free for a little bit. We almost lost her water bottle in the goat field!

Back at the barn, Lucy and another adorable baby chased this waddling of ducks. Yes, waddling. I just googled it. Apparently it's a flock of ducks when they are in flight and a team, brace, or paddling when they are in the water. I guess waddling makes sense when they are walking around on land. This blog isn't all cuteness . . . it's educational too!

She wandered quite far down the hill . . .

 . . . and didn't want to come back!

A little bit of grumpitude from Lucy. See the hayride loading up behind Matty? We paid to go on it, but there were approximately 25 people and only two bales of hay. Everyone was sitting on top of one another on the floor of the wagon. No, thank you! We'll try again at the apple orchard when the hale bay to people ratio is more acceptable. 

Our first family farm photo!

Walking back to the car. Hot and ready for lunch and a looong nap! Oh, and I think Lucy was probably a little tired too ;)

If you're local and haven't been to Domino's Farms yet, I definitely recommend it. They have a nice pavilion and grassy area for picnics or birthday parties as well. It doesn't take all day, and it's enjoyable for the whole family!



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