Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had a busy but fun weekend filled with parties, sprinklers, and slides!

We started out with a dinner with the girls Thursday evening. For the past few years, Matty has played in the Hitachi golf league on Thursday nights. Two years ago, Marie (the wife of Matty's coworker and golf partner) and I would go out for dinner and drinks on Thursday nights or go get mani/pedis. Last year I didn't get out too much on Thursdays because I was figuring out life with a newborn. This year, we don't get together every Thursday but when we do, it's with our baby girls! Amelia is almost five months old and is an absolute doll! She and Lucy did a great job at dinner . . . and during our ice cream treat afterward!

Saturday was my dad's 66th birthday, and Lucy dressed up for the occasion! I saw this onesie on Zulily when Lucy was 3 months old. The only size available at the time was 18 months, so I ordered it and put it away in her closet. The timing worked out perfectly, and she was able to debut it at her Papa's birthday party!

The only picture I took at Buddy's. She did a great job and was pretty happy most of the time, despite how she looks in this picture! From the angle of her death stare, my guess is that she was eyeing her Uncle Zack!  ;)  The good news is that both at the restaurant and at my parents' house afterward Zack and Lucy were able to be in the same room together without any tears. #progress

Random story: There was a cute little boy at the table behind us who wandered over toward Lucy's high chair with his daddy. We said hi, and when I asked how old the boy was his dad said 14 months. That's they same as Lucy so I commented that his birthday must be in May. The dad said yep, he was born on the 15th. The same day as Lucy!!! How random is that?! Lucy and her birthday buddy, Tanner, stared at one another for a minute and then went their separate ways. 

My clever mom did a "Route 66" theme for my dad's 66th birthday. It was very cool. She had a map as the runner down the center of the table, and my dad's gifts were wrapped in maps as well. 

My SIL, Carla, made these cute signs. 

Sander's Bumpy Cake? Yes, please!

My dad with all of his grandkiddos. Way to look happy for the picture, Lucy!

Lucy got her Papa a nice little decorative stone for the backyard. 

The Littles playing together tolerating one another. 

We had a graduation party to go to that evening. We have a 40 minute drive home from my parents' house, and we REALLY wanted Lucy to stay awake so that we could put her down for a nap at home and then take a nap ourselves! She started pulling wipes out of a travel pack that I keep in the car. At first I tried to stop her, but she kept pulling all of them out and then I'd shove them back in and she'd do it again. I decided it was worth the $1.97 the pack of wipes cost if it kept her occupied!

Lucy kept trying to steal her daddy's adult beverage at the graduation party. 

There's the bounce house! It was empty for a minute or two, so we put Lucy in it. She kind of sat there and bopped up and down for about 30 seconds before a bunch of big kids got in it. I struggled to pull her out because she definitely wanted to stay in! She fussed for a few minutes, but then got distracted by this bean bag game. She'd walk around and pick up the bags . . .

 . . . drop them in the hole . . .

 . . . and then clap for herself. She's her own personal cheerleader. 

As usual, trying to start the week off with some healthy choices. And I took this photo whilst munching on devouring chocolate chips.  #balancedlife

As our Sunday progressed, so did Lucy's fussiness. Matty was outside repositioning some of our sprinkler heads and Lucy kept fussing to go outside. Because I wanted to avoid creating World War 3 by daring to try putting her in a swim suit or swim diaper, I just took her out and turned her loose in the sprinklers. 

I swear, she got wetter than she does when she plays in her pool!

The fussiness persisted so I decided to take her back inside. I stripped her down completely naked. She had grass all over her though, so I picked her up and swung her around through one of the sprinklers. It may have been the happiest moment of her life thus far. Do I have a picture of it? Nope . . .but I have the memory in my brain, and it was great!

Someone learned how to climb up the slide by herself! If she did it once, she did it 50 times today. I still keep my hands right by her (except when I was taking this picture!), but she does pretty well and only needs a little help figuring out how to get her feet out from underneath her at the top. 

Grilled cheese tastes better after it's been sitting on your head for several minutes. 

A fussy Sunday led into a fussy bedtime. Our sweet little cupcake needed a few extra cuddles in order to fall asleep, and I was happy to oblige!

And finally, even though my Molly's Must Haves post has been put on the back burner until my class has ended, I felt like I needed to share my new nail polish. You need this color in your life!

If you see me between now and fall, chances are pretty good I'll have this on either my fingers or toes (right now I have it on both!). It's a deep pink with a nice, luminescent (iridescent?) overtone (Thank you, Matty, for helping me put my description into words!).  It's called Pompeii Purple, and you can get it here on Amazon for $2 cheaper than what I bought it for at Target! #neverdoubtthePrime Go ahead, click the link and put it right into your shopping cart. You'll be so happy you did! In fact, buy two and save one for a stocking stuffer for someone. I don't know about you, but I love getting a good nail polish as a gift. 

Have a great week! Can you believe it's AUGUST already??!!


  1. I love so many things about this post! First, how much does she look like Matt with the wipes on her head? I don't know what about that face she's making makes me think that, but I do! Also, absolutely love her dress at the graduation party. She looks like she was the life of the party! I love the sprinkler pics - reminds me of Gordie who has a love-hate relationship with sprinklers. Lastly, I love your glasses! I feel like I've said that before when I saw another pic, but I see them so infrequently that I feel the need to say it every time I see it :)

  2. I got that dress that she wore to the graduation party for $6 on clearance at Buy Buy Baby! It's definitely a winner. Thanks for the compliment about the glasses. You'll be seeing them more and more. Something is up with my eyes lately, and they just cannot tolerate contacts very often. Looks like a pair of prescription sunglasses is going to be on my Christmas list this year!