Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekend Recap: Lucy's First Sleepover!!

We had a great weekend over here at the Kissel house. It's not very often that we aren't at the cottage during summer weekends. It was nice to enjoy a little summer fun at home this weekend and next weekend too!

Lucy usually wakes up before Matty leaves for work in the morning. On this particular day, she decided to try holding on to his work badge in the hopes of keeping him home longer. If I thought that would have worked, I would have tried it years ago!

Somersaults are all the rage at our house lately! She gets into this position and then waits for someone to flip her over. Unfortunately, she's started to do it in her crib during nap time as well!

We had a play date at a kiddie pool in Ann Arbor at 10:00 Friday morning. This is what Lucy was doing at 10:15. #wewerelate

This was Buhr Park Pool in Ann Arbor. They have this really cute wading pool that has a "tot splash" on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays from 10-1. No big kids allowed! It has splash fountains and only goes up to 2 feet deep. The babies loved it! If you're looking for something fun to do with your tiny tots, I highly recommend it. For $5 you get to have tons of fun, and there's plenty of shady, grassy spots for picnic lunches. 

Catherine, Ella, and Lucy had a great time, but we missed Greta and Colt!

Lucy now understands that her yogurt pouches are kept in the fridge. Friday afternoon she walked to the fridge, put her hands on the handle, and looked at me. When I opened it up for her, she grabbed a yogurt pouch and high tailed it over to Daddy's lap! 

She was super happy about her bonus snack!

Lately it seems like if Lucy isn't posing for somersaults, she's doing this. She has become obsessed with Sydney, and Syd handles it like a champ. Matty and I can't believe this because, when I was pregnant, we were convinced that Sydney would most likely try to attack our baby because she is terrible with kids. Turns out she loves LuLu and doesn't mind at all when Lucy pulls her tail, pokes her in the eye, or plays with her collar. Don't worry, we still watch her like a hawk, though.

Because it was 100 degrees on Saturday, we packed up and headed to my parents' house to swim. Lucy seems to like the baby pool a bit better than the big pool. By the middle of the afternoon, the water in the baby pool was warmer than her bath water!

Around 4:00 we packed up and headed home . . . minus one Lucy Belle! Can you believe it?? Lucy had her first sleepover at Oma and Papa's! I forgot to take any pictures before I left. First, because I was a nervous wreck, and secondly because Lucy actually fell asleep before we left . . . which made leaving much easier! 

Here's one that my SIL snapped after we had left and Lucy woke up from her nap. 

Lucy loves her Oma!

In case you're wondering, we decided to leave Lucy with my mom and dad because after 14 months I've never left her for more than 6 hours. I knew that I needed to feel comfortable leaving her somewhere overnight in case the need ever arises. Oh, and as my mom liked to point out, Lucy is the only one of their four grandbabies who hadn't had a sleepover yet. I just felt like I was ready so we ripped off the band-aid and did it. I did surprisingly well. Matty and I went home and took a nap then went out to dinner! I woke up on Sunday morning at my usual time, read in bed for awhile, did three loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and went to the grocery store all by 11:00. It's amazing what I can get done when I'm not watching that sweet baby!

So everything went really well! Lucy was happy as a clam, went to bed easily and slept the whole night! Papa made her pancakes for breakfast and, from what I hear, snuck in a few treats here and there. When I went to get her at noon on Sunday she was back down for a little snooze! 

While I was away picking up Lucy, Matty put together an outdoor storage box to keep Lucy's toys in. She enjoyed having a new little place to play in before we moved it outside. 

Making a pillow fort with daddy.

Lucy got a new sleep sack and some sippy cups on Sunday. She probably spent fifteen minutes playing with her new cups and putting the lids on and off. Matty suggested that I just buy her a set of Tupperware instead of toys and call it a day.

Lucy debuted a new skill Friday evening: walking backward. She was standing in the middle of the playroom, gave Matty and me a funny look, and then slowly started walking backward while staring at us. It looked like she was moon walking in slow motion! While I was at Buy Buy Baby Sunday buying those new sippy cups, she started doing it again and Matty caught a little bit on video!

That's all she wrote. We have a pretty low key week coming up. I'm hoping to take Lucy to the Kid's Corner at the gym a few times . . . and get her to stay more than nine minutes! Here's hoping!

Have a great week!


  1. I love the somersaults!! I've never had a kid do that before...what a shame since it's so adorable!!