Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend Recap: Lu at the Zoo!

We had a pretty low key weekend. The highlight was our first family trip to the zoo on Sunday! Before I get to those pictures, though, here's a few random ones.

Lucy doesn't quite understand the concept of putting groceries away, but she's really good at taking them out!

We had a little mama/daughter date at the Plymouth Art Fair on Friday. I got Lucy a personalized cd with songs that say her name in them. The man who ran the booth took our picture for his Facebook page. 

I found Sydney like this the other day, and my heart stopped for a second. I seriously thought she was dead! Nope, just taking a snooze. 

Saturday evening was so nice that Lucy decided to sit out on her front porch!

Diaper changes have been AWFUL lately. If Lucy isn't crying or fussing then she's rolling around and trying to sit up. I absolutely dread it. On Saturday afternoon, Lucy spent a good amount of time walking around with this bucket on her head, and she thought it was so funny. She brought the bucket in with her when I needed to change her diaper, so I let her keep it on. Whatever works!

Sunday morning was Zoo day! I was super excited to have Lucy finally wear her flamingo outfit. I purchased the one on the right. I put it on, she looked adorable, and I set her down on the floor while I straightened her room. The beak of the flamingo wraps around her neck and fastens with velcro. Within five seconds of setting Lucy down, I heard the rip of the velcro. I looked over and the strap was off her neck and the top half of her outfit had dropped around her waist! I refastened it, turned around, and she did it again! Not wanting to deal with that the entire time at the zoo, I had to do a quick outfit change. I guess I'll have to sew the break on rather than have it velcro. 

I didn't get a good picture of Lucy's backup outfit because we were loading up the car and ready to walk out the door when I decided to change her. It was yellow with white polka dots and an orange giraffe at the bottom! Very zoo appropriate. Also, she matched my wallet which is always a plus!

Her giraffe hair clip is courtesy of Oma. 

Waiting in line for the penguin exhibit. We were the second people in line for our time slot, so we got to go right up to the glass. 

If you haven't been to visit the new penguin exhibit yet, I definitely recommend it. There are so many penguins, they are very active, and very close to you!

How cute are these love birds?!

Lucy loved it. 

The penguins were swimming all around us!

I love the look on Lucy's face in this picture. She's really watching what the penguins are doing. 

We saw several couples dressed like this throughout the zoo. I found it very odd and confusing and thought it was a strange outfit choice for a very hot day. #thisguyhadatail

No, Lucy will not touch the tiger fur!

Waiting for the carousel to start. 

Lucy's first carousel ride! Daddy Lucy selected the praying mantis. 

She was more interested in the horse next to us. 

The zebras were beautiful!

We made it to the giraffes . . . and Lucy was thrilled! 

We really wanted to do the giraffe feeding encounter, but we got there at 10:00 and the next available time wasn't until 1:00. #bummer

That's about it. We had a great time!

We are gearing up for a busy week. Beginning this week, I'll be tutoring five hours a week instead of one, we have another street fair to attend, and one more quick cottage trip next weekend. 

Have a great week!


  1. Love the bucket headl!!! Yes, you're in the worst time for diaper changing right now. Hang in there and do what you can :)