Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty busy around here.

I saw this on Instagram earlier this week, and it made me LOL. I'm not sure if it's meant to be sarcastic or serious. Either way it's a winner. 

Over the weekend Lucy discovered the joys of sitting and playing on the furniture rather than the floor. There are worse things she could want to do than snuggle down on all the pillows!

I put some oats and some colored noodles in a bin for a sensory activity in an attempt to keep Lucy in one spot long enough for me to get dinner ready. 

It lasted about three minutes, and then I heard a crunch, crunch, crunch and saw this. 

She had just had a snack and dinner was in 45 minutes, but Lucy was not happy when I told her she couldn't have something from the fridge! Age this picture 33 years and you have me at the fridge at 9pm when I so badly want a snack but know I shouldn't do it.

Over the weekend my SIL, Sarah, had some super cute nail polish on her toes. It was a deep purple with some silver undertones to it. Sarah said hers was a couple years old, but I loved it and decided to try and find something similar. I ended up with this polish. It looks darker in person than in the picture. However, even after three coats my nails were nowhere near as dark as the polish looked in the jar. It was also kind of pinky, and I just didn't like it!

I sat down on the couch to take my mind off of my ugly nails by watching The Bachelorette, and JoJo was wearing the exact color nail polish that Sarah had on! I paused the TV (at a pivotal moment, obviously) and took a picture to send to Sarah. Then I yelled at JoJo to quit kissing Jordan because he's not my fav at all. Any guy whose hair blows around in the breeze more than mine is no bueno.  She's got good taste in nail polish but bad taste in men. 

Did you remember that we have two dogs? #waitingfortheupsman

Lately when I go in to get Lucy up from her nap, she stands up in her crib and points to things in her room that she would like brought to her to play with. 

I'm trying to get Lucy used to eating off of a plate. It's going about as well as can be expected, but seeing all of her little food pieces divided up makes me smile. 

Ice cream treat at the Dairy-Go-Round on Tuesday night! Matty and I like to split a Peanut Butter Cup Mud (their word for a blizzard) with banana. They were out of peanut butter cups (what?!) so the girl suggested peanut butter sauce and some of the hardening chocolate that they dip cones in. Matty thought it was the bees knees. I was not impressed. #icecreamfail

Looking at the flowers and flags with Daddy.

About two seconds after I took this picture Lucy showed Matty just how quickly she can move by almost walking right off the step there before Matty even knew it was coming. I predicted the entire thing and warned him just in time. Mamas just know.

Tuesday night was a tough one for Lucy. She was up crying for three hours in the middle of the night. I thought maybe she'd sleep in to make up for it, but she was bright eyed and bushy (pony)tailed at her normal wake up time. 

Wednesdays are Music in the Park days, and this week we were joined by some very special guests: Oma, Papa, Carla, Andy, Sadie, and Gordie! 

The usual baby squad was there as well. Babies, babies everywhere!

We ate a nice picnic lunch, and all the kiddos sat still for about 10 minutes.

After lunch, Papa snuck away to Starbucks and returned with a coffee for Oma (so sweet!) and some chocolate chip cookies for everyone else . . . which paired nicely with the delicious no bake cookies that Carla brought. Sweets, sweets, and more sweets! Always. 

Look at this . . . Carla is willingly petting a dog . . . with a somewhat genuine smile on her face! Carla has a reputation of not being an animal lover. Is it legit? Well, I could tell you some storeis about some ducks and some bunnies and let you decide! ;) For real, though, she's working on it and even gave our dogs a bone when she was at our house before the park. 

Sweet Baby!! Lucy started out ok, but due to her lack of sleep the night before and her lack of a morning nap prior to the concert, she started to melt down pretty quickly after we got settled in. 

I kept hearing Carla call for Gordie to look at her and smile. Then I heard her say, "Ok, Gordie, don't look at the camera" and he did this. haha #oppositeday

Oma and her littlest grandbaby. 

Love these three! If Lucy hadn't been so clingy and fussy at this point, I would have tried to get her in on this picture. 

My dad took Andy to see the firetruck and brought back hats for Andy, Sadie, and Gordie. My mom told him to go back and get one for Lucy, and I told him not to because she didn't need one. Apparently I was wrong because she grabbed this one out of Carla's bag and was super cute with it. Maybe next week I'll grab one for her. 

Waving goodbye to everyone before going in for a looooong afternoon nap. 

Aunt Carla brought over a few bags of toys for Lucy. I'm not sure who was more excited, me or Lucy . . . 

 . . . judging from this picture, I guess it was me.

Lucy was super excited about these giraffe slippers, though!

With new toys comes new storage needs. I hit the jackpot at Home Goods tonight!

Hope everyone's having a great week. I'm working on a "Molly's Must Haves" post for next week that has some recommendations that might knock your socks off. Have a great weekend. Stay cool!



  1. Molls, I posted this comment last night, but I don't see it so if you see two comments from me, I apologize :) At any rate, I wanted to mention to you that I see your cute pic of all the toys from us and I was reminded that the Fisher-Price take-apart ball has two balls/numbers missing!!! As/If I find them, I'll be sure to send them over! We had a great time at Music in the Park and hope to go one more time before summer is over!

    1. Found 'em!!! I'll wash and bring them to you next week.

    2. Great! However, I find those balls very difficult to open! Lucy might be a few months away from being able to properly operate them.