Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Life Lately: Play, Play, and More Play!

Life lately has been filled with lazy days of playing around the house. The only activity we had scheduled this week was a play date that ended up getting cancelled, so Lucy and I have been taking it easy.

Playing with her wash cloth after breakfast.

Playing with mama's phone to take some selfies.

Playing with Minnie and Sydney.

Playing with a new app on Daddy's phone. Lucy Fox!

Here's how Matty and I have been playing. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream and The Bachelorette make for a great Monday night!

Lucy and I hit up the mall for a nice little lunch date on Tuesday. She was super smiley, waved at all the mall walkers, and ate every piece of food I brought for her.

Playing on the floor in the playroom. 

While I was filling up our freezer after our Trader Joe's run, Lucy grabbed the Haagen Dazs (Yes, there was some left over after The Bachelorette. Can't believe it!) and tried to share it with Sydney. Anything with peanut butter is Sydney's favorite, so Lucy made a good choice. #usedtobefrenemies #officiallybffs

Look at that long legged lady! Lucy woke up before I had finished my morning chores, so she got to hang out in our room and have her morning bottle. 

Playing in the pool after dinner. 

It's important to stay hydrated when it's so hot out. Thanks, Aunt Carla, for buying the dingos the largest water bowl ever!

Lucy had some visitors on her front porch.

Playing with her stuffies.

Playing with her clean laundry. She's looking at herself in her mirror in this picture, which is her new favorite thing to do. I think Lucy has officially realized her cuteness!

Last, but not least, I'd like to give a shout out to my dedicated hubby who has been working tirelessly to keep our front lawn looking good despite the lack of rain. Check out that striping!

That's about it. I know I said I was working on a Molly's Must Haves post for this week . . . but I'm still working on it. It's crunch time for the end of my class, and I'm not quite as far as I should be. It's so tempting to sit and blog or read a book during nap time, but I need to get serious and do some work now. I mean it this time!

Have a great weekend! We have a birthday party and a graduation party to attend. Word on the street is that the graduation party is going to have a bouncy house. Show of hands . . . who thinks I should throw Lucy in and see how she does?! ;)



  1. I vote yes on the bouncy house as long as no one else is in it! I also predict she'll despise it at her age :) The pic of your beautiful lawn inspired me to actually remember to water our grass yesterday...thanks Matt! I'm heading outside to do it again today, hoping to turn this ship around!