Friday, July 8, 2016

Fourth of July Fun!

Better late than never, right?! My computer decided to declare its own Independence Day and started doing it's own thing with my pictures, and nothing was uploading correctly! I've figured some of it out, but technology is not my friend lately.

As I mentioned in my teaser post a few days ago, Lucy was FANTASTIC at the cottage over the 4th of July! She was happy, smiley, and (most importantly) slept like a champ! It made all the difference in the world!

Grandma Ri was in her glory with both of her grandbabies under the same roof!

Friday was a beautiful day so we headed right out onto the boat after lunch. First things first, Lucy found the Cheez Its! #ilovethemtoo

Tommy is showing off his Thriller moves!

Lucy was surprisingly good at keeping her balance while walking on the boat.

This is her new smile, and we love it!

Fun times in the rocking chair! I can't believe how big these two are getting! They are 13 months and 8 months here . . .

 . . . but remember when they were 6 months and 3 weeks!! Oh my goodness! Where is Lu's hair? Why is T so small? My how things change! #chubbymonkey

I'm fairly certain it's the life jacket that's the problem in this picture and not that Uncle Brian is holding her. 

A happy captain and her first mate!

As you can tell, Lucy was super excited to be in the deep end. 

She's got her princess wave down pat. Someone put this baby in a parade!

Love these babies!

This is a random picture, but the monitor at the cottage is placed very close to the pack n play. Lucy stood up one night and was right in front of it, and I thought it was the cutest thing!

Snuggles with Gram!

Not a bad dinner view . . .

 . . . but this one is better! Tommy loves his Uncle Matty because they roar like lions together.

When Lucy goes to bed at night, I'm able to actually hang out and enjoy the evening festivities!

Both babies in bed sleeping peacefully at the same time?! Yes, please!

We were finally able to play Euchre, and this was the hand I was dealt! I was able to call hearts alone. #girlswin

The double stroller even went better this visit! Tommy slept for a lot of the walk and Lucy babbled away. 

Toward the end of our walk, we stopped to talk to some people we know at the campground while Sarah, Brian, and Tommy kept walking with the stroller. Rather than carry Lucy the rest of the way, Doug was kind enough to give us a ride in his golf cart to catch up with the stroller. You can't see her, but our dog Sydney is sitting on the seat next to Matty. 

I have to get my snuggles in while I can!

After a few years of being out of service, the jet boat is finally working! This made for a happy pair of guys.  #illtaketheslowpontoon #andamagazine

The 4th of July was hot but overcast. We decided to head out and do a little slow tubing behind the pontoon. Lucy tried on Daddy's boat sunglasses. I believe these were an impulse purchase at a gas station many years ago. They stay on the boat and have been worn by many, many people. 

Is it a life jacket . . . 

 . . . or a cheek rester? 

Lucy's first time tubing! She didn't hate it, but she didn't love it either. 

These two were having a nice conversation on the boat. 

One last pic before Tommy left to go back to Illinois. 

We used to carry drinks and magazines off the boat. Now we carry babies! Still can't believe either of us got to have a baby, let alone both at the same time!

Happy 4th of July!!

There's a church camp on the other side of the lake from our cottage. For $5 a day you can use their beach and playground facilities. We decided to check it out on Tuesday with Lucy. 

Stop me if you've heard this story (and I know most of you have). Waaaay back when I used to run long runs, my SIL Sarah, her friend Jen, and I went for a run around the lake on a super hot Sunday morning. You can't see it, but the trail that runs around the lake goes through some woods that spit you out just to the right of that kayak under the tree. The three of us were out running in our shorts and sports bras (because it was HOT), and before we knew what was happening we had run out of the woods and into the church camp . . directly into their Sunday services! We ran right in between the pastor and the congregation in front of the cross! By the time we realized what was happening it was too late. Inappropriate? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely! It's all I can think about now whenever we drive by on the boat and I see the cross. 

Lucy's first time playing in the sand! She licked her finger once, but I think that was it. 

Wet, sandy bottom! 

These next three pictures pretty much show what my entire vacation was like. Lucy leads, I follow . . . all day long!

Exploring the super cool wooden train. 

Lucy was excited to walk down the length of it . . .

 . . . but hasn't quite learned how to duck yet and bumped her head. Oops!

Rinsing off her sandy shoes before heading home. The weather was overcast and windy which made it a little chilly to me. How is it that I got the job of swimming in the lake, playing in the sand, and wrangling a dirty baby while Matty played photographer?? #rolereversal

That's about it! We had a great vacation and even stayed until Wednesday rather than leaving Tuesday afternoon. What a difference a happy baby makes! 

Oh, and we weren't the only ones vacationing. My brother and his family were at a lake house with my SIL's family. How cute are my niece and nephews?!



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