Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekend Recap

Thursday morning we were all decked out in our Tigers gear, but only one of us got to go to the game. Hint: it wasn't me or Lucy.

Already graduating to big girl books! #donttellmehowitends

Thursday evening I had to drop some paperwork off at our church, and this "little" lady greeted me at the door! She is Blizzard, a 132 pound St. Bernard, and she was precious!

We had a visitor in our garden on Friday morning. I was on the phone with my SIL and practically hung up on her so I could snap this pic. I did call her back, though!

It's street fair season! My mom, Lucy, and I went to the Trenton Art Fair on Friday. The weather was perfect, and Lucy did great. The water bottle and the graham cracker cookies helped!

Loving her green balloon!

Bought a lot . . . all for Lucy, of course! Dress, bibs, and hair bows. 

Lucy fell asleep on the way home from the fair. I didn't want to risk waking her up by taking her out of the car, so I parked in the park next to our house and read for a bit. I usually do laundry and cleaning during naps, so this was way better!

Taking an afternoon milk break with Minnie and Nemo. 

Ahh! That was good!

Lucy wore her street fair dress on Saturday, and it was a hit! I love it . . . almost as much as she loves her Daddy's water bottle. 

Our friends Brandon and Stacey had their second baby girl two weeks ago. Stella Violet joins her big sister, Genevieve Rose, who is almost exactly three years older. The photo on the left is Matty and me three years ago when we met Genevieve. The picture on the right is when we met Stella on Saturday. Two babies, three years apart . . . same dress! #whataretheodds 

When you walk three miles in 85 degree weather, you deserve some frozen custard! #bobjos

We did a 4th of July photo shoot bright and early Sunday morning . . . like 7:45am early! This is all you get for now. All I can say is the theme of the shoot was definitely Red, White, and Cute!!

This is Lucy's new playhouse. Why does it look a little faded, you ask? Because it was mine from 30 years ago!! #noboysallowed

My dad started assembling it in our yard, and Matty finished on Saturday night while Lucy was sleeping. We showed it to her after the photo shoot. I think it's safe to say she is happy about it!

We wrapped up the weekend with our first homemade pizza of the summer! The basil is from our garden. Can't wait for our tomatoes to come in as well!

It was a fun, busy, HOT weekend. 

This week is full of play dates, new baby visits, and preparing for 4th of July at the cottage. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, we are going for five days. Lucy has to sleep at some point, right?! 

Have a great week!


  1. Omg that pic of Lucy walking into the playhouse is absolutely priceless!! And is that dress abnormally small or are those insanely large bibs?!?

    1. The bibs are quite large, which is why I liked them! The ladybug one pretty much covers her entire body. Might be her special "spaghetti night" bib!