Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week(end) Recap

Happy Father's Day Weekend! Hope everyone enjoyed the hot weather. I didn't do a Life Lately post last week because of our anniversary, so I've got some catching up to do. This much cuteness can't go unshared! 

When we got back from the grocery earlier in the week I gave Lucy the job of putting her pouches into their bin. Not only did she spread them all out across the floor, but she decided to spice them up a bit as well!

Matty and I both enjoy some good, fresh corn . . . but not on the cob. Messy hands and mouth . . . corn stuck in your teeth . . . no thank you! The Pioneer Woman gave me a great tip on how to cut corn off the cob without making a giant mess. I used my bundt cake pan just as she suggested, and it worked great!

This little lady is starting to RUN! I wish the whole world was made of grass.

You may have heard that our 10th anniversary was last Thursday ;) Thursdays are Matty's golf night, so Wednesday he came home from work with this beautiful bouquet of roses that was a replica of my wedding bouquet!

And because we weren't going to see each other at all on our actual anniversary, Lucy and I met Matty for lunch at Buddy's during the day. Delicious!

I gave her a huge chunk of banana rather than small cut up pieces. I think she liked it!

How cute is this bumble bee bathing suit?! Yes, that's a dirty ball we use to play with the dogs. Lucy was super interested in it so I picked it up and threw it across the yard to keep it away from her. That sweet baby walked across our entire (huge!) yard and picked up the ball. After that trek, I didn't have the heart to take it away from her. #handwashing

Who is this big girl and what did she do with my baby???

Lucy's first trip to the splash pad at the park next to our house. She loved it!

The anniversary celebration wrapped up on Saturday night with a romantic dinner at Iridescence at the top of the Motor City Casino.

Hands down, the prettiest restaurant I've ever been to.

Our delicious meals. 

Matty and Lucy in my parents' pool on Father's Day.

She was splashing Papa like crazy!

She ate half of Papa's piece of strawberry roll!

Despite playing and swimming outside in the heat for three hours, Lucy stayed awake the entire half hour ride home and did not nap once we got there! The dogs are staying with Rita for a few days this week (#woohoo), so I spread out Lucy's toys, turned on a Mickey Mouse and baked some cookies while she played. 

Some self-imposed quiet time.

Around 6:00 we were Face Timing with Grandma Rita, and Lucy crawled up into my lap for a hug. Once I was finished talking to Rita, I realized Lucy had fallen asleep! Turns out she needed a nap after all! I enjoyed some snuggles and reading time while she snoozed. 

After her catnap, Lucy and her daddy wrapped up Father's Day with a little quality time watching golf together. 

And now for the grand finale . . . I took two videos of Lucy this week that have become instant classics around here. Enjoy!

Like mother, like daughter!

How Big's Lucy?

Have a great week!


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