Sunday, June 12, 2016

Weekend Recap: Back to the Cottage

Since the weather was looking so awesome for the weekend, we decided to head back to the lake. Our plan was to leave around 6:30ish Friday evening with the hope that Lucy would sleep most of the way in the car and then we could put her to bed again once we arrived at the lake. My friend Jeanette has warned me before that it's pointless to travel at night just to put the kiddos to bed because it never works. But we didn't listen. Lu slept like an angel for two hours in the car . . . and then woke up and was ready to party! I think we all finally got to bed around 11:30 Friday night. Oops! Jeanette, next time you offer me travel advice I promise to listen!!!

Lucy is on the go all day long these days, and I desperately wanted her to sit in one place for ten minutes so I could pack. Mission accomplished!

Her floaty provides a great place for entertainment even when it's not in the water!

Clapping for snack time!

A rare moment of relaxation on the boat.

Who needs Panera when this is put in front of you at lunchtime at home?!

Lucy napped like a champ on Saturday, so Matty and I got to enjoy a little quiet, relaxing boat time together. I was in heaven!

As we were driving home from the grocery, Matty pulled over and said we should get a panorama pic for the blog. Ok! I used to run along these beautiful roads. Now I just let them breeze by me in the car. 

Saturday was hot, hot, hot, so Lucy made two trips into the water. Let the record show that I do, in fact, know how to swim but felt like I should be a little more buoyant in the deep end while swimming with my sweet baby. 

She may have napped well, but bedtime was pretty much par for the course as far as cottage bedtimes go. We finally decided to try a little boat cruise. She fought sleep (and me) hard for the first half hour or so. 

She didn't quite make it long enough to see the sunset, though. 

Two parents feeling pretty proud of themselves!

Once Lucy calmed down and fell asleep, I really could have stayed there all night. I love those snuggles!

65 steps with a 22 pound sleeping baby. 

Sunday morning was beautiful but chilly. It was great walking weather. Lucy likes to wave with her hands and her feet!

She couldn't get enough of the oranges. It's not often that something we pack for our beer can also double as a snack for our daughter!

I thought it was funny that this picture popped up on my Facebook feed today. This was one year ago today . . . our first trip to the cottage with Lucy! 

This trip to the cottage only included Matty, Lucy, Grandma Rita, and me. I was hoping that with a smaller group of people and no illnesses that Lucy would sleep better. I'm beginning to think she just doesn't enjoy being away from her own bed . . . which I can totally understand! I think I just have to accept that cottage bedtimes are going to be much later than regular bedtimes! 

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


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