Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weekend Recap: Lucy is Awesome Edition!

This weekend sealed the deal that Lucy really is the best baby ever! She was so cute and such a delight all weekend long. Matty and I both commented on how enjoyable she was! And before I continue, let me clarify that we enjoy her all the time no matter what, but there was something about her disposition this weekend that was just so happy and funny. She was a little ray of sunshine!

On Friday we went to visit my friend Jeanette, her daughter Marie, and a little girl that Jeanette babysits named Hannah. It was easier to feed Lucy on the go when she was only taking bottles, but then I wouldn't be able to pack cute little lunches like this! She gobbled up the entire thing.

Here's Marie reading a story to Lucy.

Lucy was super happy to have some different toys to play with. She was also really interested in watching Marie and Hannah. 

Two babies but only one Jeanette. She managed to make it work somehow!

Normally we hang out in the playroom or Lucy's room most of the day because they are the only two rooms that have carpet. However, she started walking behind her lion walker this weekend! She really enjoys it, but the rooms are too small for her to go very far. So on Saturday morning we braved the tile and hardwood for about an hour's worth of walking around. Lucy LOVED it! She was so excited to do it that she couldn't be bothered with such trivial things as putting on a shirt. 

We had friends come for the night on Saturday, and Lucy helped Matty inflate the air mattress. She was a gracious hostess and let the Beatons stay in her play room. 

Oops!! Don't worry, she was totally fine. 

This is Lucy's newest facial expression. Something might startle her or upset her, and she'll make this face for about 10-15 seconds while deciding if she wants to cry or just move on with her day. It's heart breaking yet adorable at the same time. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure she decided not to cry in this picture. 

Helping Daddy make sure the mattress is properly inflated. 

Took a selfie to let cousin Gordie know that Lucy was done with her nap. He requested a photo of what we were doing on Saturday morning!

After Lucy's morning nap on Saturday I had big plans to go to 12 Oaks to get her sized for her first pair of actual shoes . . . and more likely than not purchase a pair! We were going to hit up Nordstrom and Journey's Kids and pick out a snazzy pair for her birthday gift. I felt pressured to get there this weekend because 275 South is going to be shut down until July starting Monday and it'll be a giant pain in the patoot to get home from the mall. I was on the highway for only a few miles before two of the northbound lanes shut down and the highway turned into a parking lot. So I turned around and headed to Laurel Park to check out the baby shoes at Von Maur. 

This little lady wears a size 4 shoe and sat on the floor for about 15 minutes while I tried different brands and styles of shoes on her. Who knew baby shoes were so expensive?! She had her heart set on those little baby Nikes in her hand, but they didn't come in her size. #welcometomyworld 

I didn't end up buying any from Von Maur, but I did come home and order two pairs from Amazon that I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of this week!

Saturday night my parents watched Lucy and we went out with friends. We had some delicious Mexican food and lots of good conversations. It was great to catch up!

Sunday morning play time with Daddy. Her hair looks so blonde!

Lucy discovered how to open the cabinets this weekend. #ugh

I told her "no no" and this is the look I got. Don't mind her crazy hair, I had just taken off her winter hat after getting back from a walk. 

I've already added "Babyproof the cabinets" to my list for this week. 

I was pretty proud of the dinner that we made for Lucy Sunday night. Matty grilled some cod, and Lucy gobbled it up! She also had avocado slices and some plain yogurt mixed with pureed pears, carrots, and peas. She loved everything . . .

 . . . and was very upset when all the plates were empty! This is similar to the face I make when there's no chocolate in the house. 

So that was our weekend with our sweet baby. I'm typing this on Sunday night, and two weeks from today she will be one year old! I can't believe it! 

Hope everyone has a great week. Lucy and I are going to story time at the library for the first time this week. We also have a play date, Mother's Day preparations, and Cuddle and Bounce. Looking like a busy week!!

Oh, and in the lives of other family members . . .

Carla sent this picture Saturday morning expressing her relief that they decided to upgrade to a king size bed last year! Not a bad way to start the weekend!

Chef Gordie helped his mama bake a cake.

Hands down, the very best part of baking!

And finally, from the other side of the family, little Tommy is going to a Kentucky Derby party next weekend and has his hat all ready to go!



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