Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekend Recap: A Little Bit of Everything

I took a week off from blogging when I was prepping for Lucy's birthday party, and when I started back up again my first few posts were all about her birthday. I have lots of random pictures from that time that I never posted. Not one to let the cuteness go unshared, I thought I'd combine all of these pictures with our weekend pictures.

Look at those big eyes and roly poly arms!

Eating eggs and pancakes at M&M Cafe with Gram!

I bought Lucy some little baby NutriGrain bars. She likes them a lot, but they are super crumbly so I save them for outdoor snack time. 

The day before Lucy's party was dedicated to baking and cleaning, but we managed to get in a few breaks. The first was in the morning when Carla and Gordie stopped by to drop off the giraffe cookies. 

The second break was in the afternoon when we went to the park to swing. 

Matty snapped these pics when we went in to get Lucy from nap one morning. She almost always wakes up super happy! 

Ducky is her BFF at naptime and bedtime. 

I could do an entire post about Matty and his lawn. Long story short, we have a weed problem in the backyard this year and it's been driving him bonkers. He bought this new tool that easily grabs the weeds from the root and pulls them out. It works really well, and is really satisfying. I've never seen him happier! 

Enjoying her dolly and stroller that daddy and mama got her. 

Lucy's not the only one enjoying her birthday gifts!

These three couldn't make it to Lucy's party because Andy was super sick and contagious, but they still got their gift bags. All three of them were sporting their sunglasses on the way to school Monday morning!

To celebrate Lucy's birthday with her baby friends, we went to My Urban Toddler in Saline. The building is set up like a little city and is just so cute. Lucy found some time to do her grocery shopping while we were there!

Three sweet girls pushing their carts!

Taking a break from tunneling and sliding. 

Our trip to Costco on Friday took longer than expected. Someone was getting cranky and hungry for lunch . . . and Lucy wasn't super happy either ;) Thank goodness I had already planned to buy some pouches!

More outdoor snack time on Saturday.  #chubbybaby

The way she sits in her stroller on walks cracks me up. 

At Lucy's one year check up she had to have some blood drawn. Her iron count was a little low, so the doctor suggested I start using a liquid multivitamin with iron supplement. It smells and tastes terrible, and Lucy has been refusing anything I put it in. One of my friends suggested I try a fruit smoothie. Not only was this her first fruit smoothie, it was also the first time she drank out of a cup with a straw. It was a little challenging at first. This adorable cup is from Aunt Carla, and most of the time Lucy was trying to drink through the ears!

Zack, Carla, Andy, Sadie, and Gordie came over on Sunday to give Lucy her birthday present since they missed the party last weekend. These four crazies had a good time playing together. 

Brotherly Love

So cute!

These two cuties love playing together!

Gordie loved the basket of balls. I really think he needs one at his house!

So that's it. I'm officially all caught up on pictures. We had a great weekend and really enjoyed the beautiful weather. We have a play date at a park on Tuesday, and it's supposed to be 81 and sunny! Woo hoo . . . bring on the sunscreen! 

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. All I'm thinking about right now is my big night tomorrow . . . the Bachelorette premieres right after Dancing with the Stars! My cheesy reality TV loving self is super excited. I love Monday nights during Bachelor/Bachelorette season. I love allowing myself to sit and not feel guilty about it. I love having a special little snack while I watch, and I love how Matty sits on the couch with me "pretending" to compute but really pays attention to what's happening. It's my guilty little pleasure . . . and I don't feel guilty about it at all! :)

Have a great week!


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