Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summertime Fun!

The weather has been beautiful this week, and Lucy and I have pretty much been living outside. The only downside? . . . putting sunscreen on a baby. Ugh! 

On Monday we visited Oma and Papa. They brought out their sand table, and Lucy really enjoyed it. She did not try to eat the sand, but she did try to eat the sand toys! 

Love that sweet face!

While I ran some errands, Oma and Lucy took their first walk up to the mailbox and CVS. 

On Tuesday we met friends at County Farm Park in Ann Arbor. It's such a cute little park for toddlers. There's plenty of shade and plenty of play equipment for the babies to explore. I stood up to take some pictures, and look how nicely Lucy is sitting there eating her lunch like a big girl!

Park selfie!

After the playdate Lucy took a nice long nap, and then we headed back outside for some afternoon snacking and playing.

Cleaning off her chair after snack! Like mother like daughter.

I brought out Lucy's lion walker to try and get her more interested in touching the grass. She really wanted to walk with it, but it was hard to move on the uneven grass. 

Speaking of walking, Lucy was the only baby at the playdate who wasn't walking. Watching her friends toddle around the playground must have been just the motivation she needed because later that night this happened!!

This is Lucy saying, "Apples are #1!"

Aunt Carla and Uncle Zack bought Lucy this pool for her birthday. After I BLEW THE WHOLE THING UP WITH MY MOUTH, it was pretty enjoyable! I love the sunshade. This picture was taken at the beginning so there wasn't a lot of toys out yet, but I bought a 16 piece set of sand and water toys from Costco and they were a big hit in the pool. 

Fun in the sun really tuckers this sweet baby out! She went down for a late afternoon nap, but we had to pick Matty up at the car dealer so I had to go in and wake this snoozy baby up.

She was less than thrilled about her snoozy being cut short!

Lots of fun packed into three days! Speaking of fun, we are headed to the cottage for Memorial Day. As much as I love blogging and social media, I also love taking a break from it. You won't be hearing from me for about a week. #sorrymom

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Fingers crossed that this wonderful weather continues!


  1. That pic of her just waking up in the crib is an instant classic!! I hope to see that displayed at her high school graduation party one day ;)