Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Life Lately: Pigtails Edition

The week is only halfway over, but we've already been very busy. I put Lucy's hair in pigtails on Monday. It seems the trick to her leaving them alone is to only use the elastics, no bows clipped on top of them. I believe this is our first compromise as mother and daughter! Anyways, the pigtails have been a hit where ever we go. The ladies at Holiday Market could not get enough of Lucy's sweetness when we were shopping on Monday. Can you blame them??

It's almost swimsuit season, and Lucy's getting ready! Oma and Papa purchased this one for Lucy to keep at their house for the pool. Yes, that's a tear in her eye. She was a little upset about having to put any type of clothing on. 

I wheeled Lucy into the fitting room, and she immediately started giggling. I think she liked her pigtails!

Still walking with the lion.

Tuesday was our first day of story time at the library. We were a little early so we played in the toy area before story time. This little boy's name is Leo, and he brought Lucy a panda stuffy . . .

 . . . and then ran away! So cute!!

Babies everywhere! After the 30 minute story/song time the librarian brought out a big cart filled with toys.

After story time we went right to a play date at Lucy's friend Ella's house. Thankfully they had a walker for Lucy to use!

Ella also had a Minnie Mouse car. I think Lucy was in awe!

My friend Becky is due with her second baby in June. She already has a boy and is having a girl the second time around. Since she will be having the baby around the same time of year that I had Lucy, I gave Becky two bins of Lucy's newborn and infant clothing. I spent Monday evening writing my initials on every piece of clothing in the bins, and I realized two things. 1. Lucy had A LOT of clothes as a newborn and 2. I can tell you exactly what we did on the day she wore each outfit. It was a great time to reminisce since she is about to turn one year old! 

Here are few of my favorite outfits. 

One she wore home from the hospital:

She wore this puppy sleeper all the time. It was a newborn size but still so big on her!

I loved the leopard onesie, and it always makes me think of this picture of LuLu snoozing at the doctor. Matty says it makes him sad because Lucy looks so skinny. She was itty bitty when she was born, but she plumped up nicely!

She looked silly, but adorable, in the lemon skirt!

And just for fun, I did a size comparison between her newborn clothes and her current 12 month clothes. Oh my heart!

And finally, my new favorite picture of Lucy. We happened to catch a tiny smile, but she was not loving the grass at all!

That's all for now. Matty took a few days off work, so the rest of the week will be spent hanging out with my two favorite people. And then Sunday is my first Mother's Day! I can't wait to do some sweet things with my sweet girl. The day will be a success if we can go for a nice walk, swing on swings, and get some ice cream. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there. And to those who wish to be but aren't mamas yet, may your day be filled with sunshine and hope! 



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