Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekend Recap

Whew! What a whirlwind of a weekend! In the words of Matty Kissel, "I took zero naps this weekend." That's how you know we were busy, because no one loves a weekend afternoon nap like Matthew Kissel!

Here's a little Oma/Lucy time from Thursday. My mom is smiling, but she's secretly super sad that Lucy wants to hold her own bottles now. 

Rita came over on Friday to watch Lucy while I took Sydney to the vet to get her drain tube removed (yahoo!!). I had a little time to spare before the appointment, so I ran to Kohl's armed with a 30% off coupon and a need for a new bathroom rug. And apparently some 4th of July clothes for Lucy!! 

And then I stopped in the newly renovated Once Upon a Child to see if I could find a dress for Lucy to wear for her birthday photo shoot. Fancy dresses are so pricey, and she's only going to wear it for pictures! I didn't find a birthday dress, but I did find these little gems . . . the yellow and white polka dot dress has a giraffe on it!

Look at my big girl standing up in her playpen! She's watching her daddy give Sydney a warm compress and a massage. 

That is one relaxed doggie!

Friday evening I heated up some frozen veggies for part of Lucy's dinner. Saturday morning around 10:30 I went to get some cashews for a snack and found the not-so-frozen veggies in the pantry. Oops!! Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind, and now we have proof!

Doesn't everyone eat their lunch sans pants??

Sarah, Brian, and Tommy were in town this weekend. They came over on Saturday, and Tommy had the best time playing in the play room. He's 6 months old and getting so big!

I had put Lucy down for a nap about 10 minutes before everyone arrived. She must have sensed that there were intruders in her playroom because she wouldn't go to sleep and just cried and cried. I finally went to get her, and when I brought her into the playroom she took one look at Sarah, Brian, and Tommy and had a complete meltdown the likes of which we've never seen before. I mean, it may have been worse than when she sees my brother! It took her quite a while to warm up to the situation. This is about as happy as she got for most of the visit. 

Aunt Sarah started Lucy's fall wardrobe off right with some super cute shoes for her to grow into. Even those didn't bring a smile to her face, so you know there had to be something wrong!

Later in the afternoon we had to head down to Aunt Judie's for her birthday party. I was nervous about how it would go since Lucy didn't have an afternoon nap, but she took a little snooze in the car on the way and was super happy. 

Lucy and Aunt Judie were wiping each other's faces with the napkin, and Lucy was loving it. 

For the next two pictures, please note that it was already almost an hour past Lucy's bedtime. She had gotten a little feisty during her diaper change and pulled out her hair bow. She was not looking her best!

Sunday morning at 7:45 and they're already working hard.

Our nephew, Andy, made his First Communion on Sunday, and the weather was beautiful! The church service was about an hour and forty-five minutes. Yikes! Lucy did really well, though. We were all happy to get outside afterward and enjoy the beautiful day. 

I love this picture! I love the tree. I love that Sadie is holding Lucy's hand, and I love that Gordie is holding on to Andy. 

Isn't this the sweetest picture?! Sadie kept asking if she could hold Lucy and if she could feed her. I think she forgets Lucy isn't a tiny little baby anymore! This was the best we could do for her, and she did a great job! 

And after day two of no afternoon nap, here's how Lucy rode all the way home!

Hope you had a great weekend and got outside to enjoy the sunshine!
Have a great week!


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