Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekend Recap

Well this weekend is certainly one to remember. Not because the weather was so amazing and we were outside celebrating it for two days. Nope, we were stuck in the house for the most part with a fussy baby and a recovering doggie.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the first spots of Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease started to appear on Lucy Thursday night. They got worse as the weekend progressed, and I'm hoping that today was the peak and Lucy will start getting better. She only has about six spots on her face. Her hands, feet, and diaper area definitely have the brunt of it. 

Here's Lucy on Friday, before the spots took over. She was sitting down playing with her stuffies, and I turned away for five seconds and looked back and she was standing up! 

We took advantage of the great weather on Friday afternoon and got out for a walk before the dogs got back from the vet. Lucy loves to kick back and relax in her stroller. 

Matt picked the dogs on up Friday afternoon. Snort just had some dental work and an ultrasound, so he was pretty much recovered from the anesthesia by the time he got home. Sydney was a whole other story. She was pretty out of it and couldn't walk. I dragged the bed to the garage door so Matty could carry her in and lay her down. It was really the saddest thing ever. She had surgery to have a giant tumor on her thigh removed. Once the vet got in there, it turns out that what we thought was a giant tumor was actually a giant hernia that was beyond the vet's capability to remove. So she drained out as much fluid as she could and put in a drainage port to drain out any remaining fluid. Now we have to decide if we want to take Syd to a specialist to have the hernia removed. 

Matty's a doting daddy to Lucy and to his doggies. He sat and hand fed Sydney her kibble piece by piece on Friday evening.  

Saturday morning Matty started painting our guest bathroom. By lunchtime Sydney was able to take a few steps, so Matty took a break from painting and we went outside to enjoy the day . . . for about 8 minutes! By the time Matt carried Sydney out and I brought out the blanket and bubbles for Lucy, our favorite little baby decided she wasn't too happy about being outside. We were also worried that a bug might crawl up Sydney's drain tube, so back inside we went. 

Sydney patiently waited her turn until it was time to be carried in!

Here I am embracing the mess in the play room and the craziness of the weekend . . . all while sporting some pretty cool socks! ;)

So that's about it. Not too many pictures of Lucy because she's so spotty. The bathroom is painted and looks great. I'll post a before and after photo soon. Sydney's drain tube is in until Wednesday, which means that Lucy and I are homebound until then. I can't even think about it right now!

Since I don't have too many pictures of my baby, I'll share some that I got of Tommy this weekend. This little guy is coming up on 6 months old and couldn't be any cuter if he tried!!

Have a great week! Keep enjoying the sunshine!


  1. Awww, does Tommy have the same love for giraffes that Lucy does??? So cute 😊