Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week(end) Recap

Well, I've done it again . . . my busy week prohibited me from doing a midweek post, so now you have A LOT of Lucy pics to look through all in one sitting! 

Going to the grocery makes Lucy hungry, just like her mama.

Her latest and greatest game. She thinks it's hilarious. I find it mildly amusing. 

This is Lucy's face all the time lately. It's fantastic! 

Earlier in the week, Lucy decided she didn't need a morning nap. By mid afternoon she was still going strong . . . I was not! After a few minutes of playing "Kiss the Baby in the Mirror," she finally went to sleep . . . 

 . . . and woke up like this! The cutest case of bedhead I've ever seen!

Something went terribly wrong at lunch. She was eating pureed turkey and squash when all of a sudden she just started laughing, spitting it out, and then rubbing it all over her! 

I saw an idea for this sensory basket on Pinterest, so I emptied out the ball basket and looped a bunch of yarn through it before adding the toys. 

This was the extent of Lucy's interest in it. I gave it a few days, but the balls are back and she (and her daddy) are much happier in the playroom.  #Pinterestfail

"Is this where the baby in the mirror lives??"

Hop on Mama! Check out those arm rolls!!

Lucy woke up earlier than usual one morning, and I hadn't quite finished getting ready yet. She refused to stay in one place, which makes me nervous in the bathroom, so I gave her the box of tissues and it bought me about 6 minutes. 

We went shopping with my mom on Thursday. This is how Lucy sat in her stroller for the majority of the trip. #livingthelife

I was trying to document the feather she pulled out of the pillow, but really, look at that wrist roll!

The angle of this picture makes it hard to tell, but she's not leaning or holding on to anything while she investigates the feather. Her balance is coming along nicely!

I've made a great group of mama friends with baby girls (and one boy!) all around Lucy's age. Thursday night we left the babies with their daddies and had dinner in Ann Arbor. We had a delightful time!

While I was out with the ladies, Matty texted me this pic of my two favorite people having fun while mama was away. 

Our friends Josh and Marie had a baby last month, and we finally got to go meet her on Saturday. Amelia Grace is a perfect little peanut, and the fourth girl to be born into the Hitachi girl squad in the past 11 months. She's so perfect and felt so light compared to Lucy!

When we got home from visiting Josh and Marie, Lucy was trying to avoid nap time by offering to help me clean. It almost worked. Don't mind my face, the orange lid sitting on the counter behind us tells me that I probably had a chocolate chip cookie in my mouth . . . big surprise!

I got a "Happy Sunday!" picture from Tommy this morning. He's getting so big, and I can't wait to get my hands on him in just a few weeks!

No, I don't let Lucy watch shows on the computer during lunch . . . she's having a lunch date with Oma and Papa! She's allowed to FaceTime with her grandparents as long as she doesn't start blowing raspberries, because then the computer pays the price!

While I was cleaning up the kitchen Sunday afternoon, all Matty wanted to do was watch the Masters . . . and all Lucy wanted to do was crawl around and not sit still! Her new favorite spot is the top of the stairs with her feet through the baby gate. 

You made it to the end! We made the best of our week and weekend despite the subpar weather. The forecast is looking good for later in the week, though. I think we'll be getting out our sunglasses and the stroller!

Have a great week!


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