Friday, April 1, 2016

Rainy Day Play

Thursday was a rainy, rainy day so we had no choice but to stay inside and play all day. Luckily, we had already scheduled a play date with some of Lucy's baby friends and their mamas. 

The family room was transformed into a toy paradise. 

Lucy enjoyed some solo play time before her friends arrived. 

A rare shot of all three girlies in the same area together. We were down a few babies and their mamas, but these three still kept us on our toes!

Lucy investigating Catherine's head . . .

 . . . and her shirt!

The play date wrapped up over in this area of the kitchen where the high chair, water bottles, and dog bowls are kept. 

After a few minutes, almost every water bottle was removed from the package.  :)

Sweet little Catherine came over to take a picture with me!

Trying to take a selfie with three wiggly babies was pretty impossible! This was the best we could get. 

After our friends left and Lucy took a mediocre nap, it was time to play with her new sunglasses. We go on lots of walks, plus Lucy will be on the boat a lot at the cottage, so we wanted to get some sunglasses that had UV protection and would stay on her head . . . somewhat. These little gems arrived yesterday, and I laugh every time I see these pictures!

She checked herself out in the mirror and must not have liked what she saw because they didn't last very long. The good news is that it took a little work for her to get them off. I plan to put them on her everyday so maybe she'll just get used to them. Maybe.

She crawled under there and got stuck. She was not happy about it. 

This was after she took out the clean laundry piece by piece!

To end our day Matty and I took Lucy to Funtastic, which is a play place near our house that has a huge area of soft toys. It was after dinner, and we had the place to ourselves! At first I thought it would be great, but it turns out Lucy does a little better with other friends around to motivate her. Also, it was about half an hour until bath and bedtime, so she may have been a little snoozy. 

The following are a bunch of pictures of Lucy sitting around the play area! haha

So that was our rainy day of play. When we left Funtastic it was pouring outside and super windy which was not the greatest way to end our day, but Lucy handled it like a champ.

Looking forward to a good weekend. Oh, and Lucy has her first swim lesson with her daddy on Sunday!! The swim school was actually right next door to Funtastic so we peeked in quick. It looks pretty fun in there! Can't wait to share pictures!



  1. Molly, Gary and I would love to drop in at one of Lucy's swim lessons if that would be ok? We went to a few of Yianna lesson when she was a toddler and we had a blast watching her and would think the same watching Lucy. Let me know. Karen