Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lu at the Zoo!

Lucy had her very first trip to the zoo today! Five babies, five mamas, and five strollers all managed to meet up at the Detroit Zoo at the appointed time. We were off to a great start!

For reference, because some of you hear me talk about these mamas a lot, we have Lisa on the left with her daughter Greta, then Leslie and Catherine, me and Lucy, Becky and her son Colt, and Nicole and Ella. I knew Nicole back before we had babies. Her husband used to work with one of our good friends. Then Nicole met Lisa at a New Moms group at the hospital where they delivered their babies, and Lisa, Leslie, and Becky all went to college together. When Lucy was four months old I invited Nicole and Ella to try out Cuddle and Bounce with Lucy and me. She brought Lisa, Leslie, and their babies with her and that's how our little group got started! 

Just some mamas and their babies on Senior Day at the zoo!

We went into the new penguin exhibit right away. There was a bit of walking and waiting in line, but it was totally worth it!

This next little group of pictures is way too cute! The babies stood right up by the glass and loved watching the penguins swim around . . . as did their mamas!

I think Colt was reciting penguin facts to Lucy in this picture. 

Here we are in front of the fountain. It wasn't busy at all. Lucy brought her special giraffe to show to the real giraffes. You can't tell because it was chilly so she had to wear a jacket and a hood, but she wore her "Wild About Mommy" leopard print shirt, giraffe shoes, and a pink flamingo clip in her hair! And just in case it warmed up enough to wear short sleeves, she had a pink onesie with a penguin on it underneath her shirt. #zoofashionista

A flock/flamboyance/pat/colony/flurry of pink flamingos!! For real, I just Googled "What is a group of flamingos called" and it listed all those choices!

When it's hotter out, I'll take her back to see the flamingos while wearing this outfit!

This little fella was just walking himself all around the zoo and strutted right through our stroller group!

We walked up to the giraffe exhibit just in time to see this guy!!

I took Lucy out right away so she could see him, but then he walked to the side of the building for a snack. 

Super excited about seeing her spirit animal!

Lunch on the lawn. After lunch there was a round of diaper changes on the lawn and then we finished up our visit. 

Some extremely friendly ducks during lunch!

As far as other animals go, we saw some lazy kangaroos . . .

  . . . a lazy seal . . .

 . . . and a bunch of lazy gorillas!

Stroller babies!!

We had a great morning at the zoo! Thanks to Lisa for planning our route. All we had to do was follow her and not worry about a thing! Lucy loved it and can't wait to go with her daddy to show him all the animals!



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