Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Life Lately

It's been brought to my attention (ahem, Carla!), that I've not been posting as much lately. I have lots of ideas for posts, but have been a little short on time lately. My new routine (and I use that term loosely because it's only happened 4 times so far) of getting up early in the morning to workout before Lucy wakes up leaves me loooonging for bed by about 7pm these days. Too bad that never happens! I'm also trying to finish up my school work for my class so that I can focus up on planning Lucy's first birthday party. Just when I thought I was getting close to being finished, I open up the last module and the assignment says I have to listen to a lecture and then cite instances from it to support my final paper. Ok, no big deal . . . until I open up the lecture and see that it's 3.5 hours long!! I wanted to die. But instead I turned it off and went and complained to Matty about it while eating a handful of pretzels. #stresseating 

So please hang in there . . . the end of the craziness is near. I can see the light at the end of a 3.5 hour long tunnel! So that's my life lately . . . here's a little peek into Lucy's. 

Playing Peek-a-Boo in the kitchen!

On Monday we had a play date to celebrate Catherine's first birthday. Lucy was so excited that she didn't take a morning nap. We had a 12 minute drive to Catherine's house, and Lucy was definitely ready to party when we got there!

Don't worry, she rallied once we got inside and had lots of fun watering the floor . . .

 . . . and playing with balloons . . .

 . . .shaking it . . .

 . . . and getting her chew on! You can see that her friend, Ella, had the same idea in the background. 

Lucy has been super in to her stuffies lately, and will take each one out, laugh at it, and then set it aside. It's quite amusing to watch. 

Lately, Lucy does not want to get out of her crib after nap without having a little aquarium time first. She's learned how to push the star to turn it on and off by herself.

And this is what I get when I ask for kisses!

I love my dogs, I swear, but we had 24 glorious hours without them this week. This means that Lucy was able to crawl around and explore everything without getting covered in dog fur or being knocked over by a sniffing dog. It also means that I was able to unpack our giant Target order at my leisure without worrying about anything getting chewed up. Love my tiny helper!

I blinked and she was all the way on the other side of the room. She's getting fast!

All that crawling and exploring wore her out. Every once in awhile I have to creep in there and snap a pic!

Tuesday was finally a sunny day, but still pretty chilly. We went for a walk after dinner (a long one since we didn't have an elderly dog with us!) and this is what Lucy wore. Doesn't she look super excited?!

Things are all fine and dandy here, but toward the end of the walk there was a small meltdown over the glasses. 

She sat there with me in the kitchen the entire time I made cookies. That bald spot does not seem to exist when I see her in real life.

Where's Lucy?!

Waiting for Papa to come over.

That's our week so far. We are looking forward to a weekend of fantastic weather! Unfortunately, we will be homebound because both dogs are going to the vet to have some procedures on Friday. Snort's is just dental work, but he has to be put under anesthesia for it. Sydney's is considered major surgery because she's having a giant tumor removed and will have a drainage port put in for a week. And Friday is her birthday! Happy Birthday Sydney . . . let's put you under and cut out a massive tumor! At least the weather will be great so she can stay out on the patio and drain outside in the sun. 

Oh, and Lucy turns 11 months on Friday! I can't believe it!!


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