Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Doggies and Babies and Cake . . . Oh My!

It's hard to believe that only three days have gone by since my previous post. It seems like so much longer! The house arrest doggie recuperation has been extended until at least Friday. I took Sydney to the vet this morning to have the drain tube removed, but her leg is still too swollen so I have to take her back on Friday. Other than the occasional walk, vet appointments, and one trip to Home Goods, Lucy and I have been stuck at home. This is very unusual for us! 

Here's what we are dealing with . . . is she not the most pathetic thing you've ever seen? The drain port hangs down by Sydney's right leg. The vet seems to think it's no big deal to just let it drip freely. Sorry, but I think blood dripping out of my dog all over my house is a very big deal. So, my creative husband crafted a bandage out of a maxi pad and first aid tape. haha Yes, we strapped a feminine hygiene product to our dog's leg! So four times a day she gets a hot compress on her leg, a leg massage, and a fresh bandage. The bandage is the hardest part because if you don't tape it correctly it falls right down her leg. 

I'm sorry to say that Lucy now sleeps better than Sydney. Syd hasn't slept through the night since the surgery. Maybe it's because this is her position for most of the day!

I don't want Lucy to aggravate Sydney at all, so we've been spending a lot of time in the play room and her bedroom. She loves looking out the window in the play room!

Tuesday was a particularly trying day. Neither my mom nor my mother-in-law were available to come over so I could run a few errands, and Lucy decided she'd rather cry than nap in the morning. 

To keep us both occupied, I did the only thing I could think of . . . bake! I've been wanting to try an idea I have for Lucy's first birthday cake, and Tuesday seemed as good a day as any. #cakemakeseverythingbetter

I have to say that I was super excited about the way the cake turned out! I've shared the decorated cake picture with a select few but, for now, this is all you get!

When I finished decorating the cake, I was super excited to show it to someone right away so I Face Timed my SIL Carla. Tuesday was officially her second day as a stay at home mama! I was sharing my cake, and she was showing me her crockpot dinner recipe. We were both super excited to be in our kitchens "together" at 2:23pm on a Tuesday!

How cute are these pigtails?! They lasted about 20 seconds. 

Daddy was washing asparagus for dinner and dropped a piece on the floor. Lucy was happy to pick it up for him!

Still happy even after I fished the bite she took out of her mouth. Not sure she's ready for the bottom of a raw asparagus stalk!

The cutest load of laundry ever! I'm not taking any chances with the Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease germs. Lucy is on the mend, and I've been wiping, cleaning, and washing every toy in the house.

Grandma Rita stayed with Sydney so I could run to Home Goods. I picked up this super cute roll of cupcake wrapping paper, and Lucy was very happy to hold it for me. So happy that she screamed bloody murder when I gave it to the lady to ring up, and then stopped immediately when the lady gave it back to her. 

It's hard to change her sheet when she's climbing all over the mattress!

Love our little ray of sunshine!

So that's the first half of our week. Tomorrow is Thursday, which is Oma's day to come over and visit with Lucy. She's going to stay with Sydney while I take Lu to Cuddle and Bounce. She was supposed to help me mop all of the floors to clean up from Syd's drain tube, but that has to be put off until the weekend now. However, word on the street is that she's going to dust my bar stool chairs, dining room chairs, and the baseboards in our bathroom. I've done that approximately zero times ever, so it could turn out to be a good day after all!



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