Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week(end) Recap

Phew! What a busy week and weekend! Our week started off with a trip to the eye doctor on Monday. Lucy's pediatrician wanted her to see an opthamologist because her right eye often appears to be opened less than her left. So after waiting for a bit in the waiting room they did a preliminary exam and then told me they were going to dilate Lucy's eyes! She handled the drops like a champ, but we had to wait another 25 minutes before the doctor could look at her because the drops needed to kick in. She was not having the stroller anymore, so I spread out a blanket and we took over the waiting room. The good news is that the doctor said her Ptosis should go away as her face shape changes as she grows up. 

On Tuesday this little cutie turned 1O MONTHS OLD!! Where did the time go?! 

Doing her morning push ups . . .gotta work on those baby muscles!

The best laundry helper in the world. She can unfold a pile better than anyone! ;)

Wearing our green on Lucy's first St. Patrick's Day!

We were the first the arrive at Cuddle and Bounce, so Lucy (and Oma!) got some extra time with the farm animals.

Exploring different kinds of bells with Miss Karen. I swear they were both having fun!

Lucy has been enjoying the view of the street from her new play room. It's a great window to watch the cars go by and wait for daddy to get home.

On Friday, Lucy and her group of baby friends all went to My Urban Toddler in Saline to celebrate sweet little Ella's first birthday! We have never been before, and it's a super cute baby store with a play place attached. There was a designated baby area that had soft toys to play with, and Lucy loved sitting in the middle of the flower! I loved it because I could let her explore and experiment more and not be worried that she'd get hurt. 

Lucy occupied the flower for some time, and eventually her friends came to join her. The birthday girl is in the cute ladybug tutu!

No, she's not going for more books . . .she was rubbing her head back and forth on the shelf!

Animal Summit!

Lucy is getting very close to the max height on her infant carrier, and she's getting super heavy for me to carry around in it, so about two weeks ago I started researching which carseat to buy next . . . which means two weeks ago is the last time I had a good night's sleep. Seriously, I think I picked out my wedding dress our first trip out. The first house that Matt and I bought was the first house that we looked at. I'm the person people come to when they need decisions made . . . but for some reason this carseat business got the better of me! Ask friends, ask family, ask my poor hubby . . . it's all I've thought/agonized about for awhile now. 

Here's the super fast, watered down version, because I really could do an entire post just on the trauma of selecting a new car seat! After my first trip to the store for research, I was pretty convinced that we were going to buy this Recaro seat. But then we took it outside to see how it fit in the car, and it was absolutely gigantic. Like SUPER tall. Laughably huge. Back to the drawing board!

Next I tried out this Britax that came highly recommended. I liked everything about it except for the price . . . and the pattern. I think I'd feel like I'd have to dress Lucy to match her carseat! Lucky for me it came in all black too, so I went home to research it. 

Then we went to Babies R Us and came across this Evenflo seat. It had a lot of great features that we liked but, once again, when we got it into the car it was gigantic. The super tall sides are supposedly to prevent the door from hitting Lucy in the event of a crash, however they also prevented me from being able to get her in and out of the seat! It sure did look comfy, though!

And by our third trip out on Saturday, Lucy had had enough . . . and my face was pretty much the same! So we ended up with the Britax but in the all black instead of the patterned. I totally get that for safety reasons you aren't supposed to try carseats out and then be able to return them. But there are SO MANY options/models/safety features/prices/reviews that I don't know how I'm supposed to decide if I like it or not until after I've used it for awhile! 

After all that carseat shopping, Lucy needed to let her hair down and get a little silly!

Sunday was a cold but sunny day, so we bundled up and headed out for a walk. She normally would have taken her sunglasses right off, but the hat and mittens prevented her from getting to them. They stayed on for the whole walk, and Matty and I couldn't get enough of looking at her!

Playing dress up with the super cute hat that Aunt Carla brought her when she was born!

This is a sweet picture that Matty took Sunday evening. Lucy was losing it fast but dinner was taking a little longer than anticipated, and I finally got her to calm down and cuddle for a few minutes. 

And I'll leave you with this handsome fella. I don't know if any of you have ever tasted Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream, but it is the most delicious ice cream ever! Next time you're at the grocery, pick up a pint. It's the best $4.50 you'll ever spend. I promise. And I worked at an ice cream parlor for 8 years, so I know my ice cream! Matty has a strong devotion to this particular brand and flavor of ice cream, and even offered to do a guest blog post all about it. Ha! I told him a picture will do just fine. However, this is not the first time he's mentioned doing a guest post, so I think he's itching to get on here sometime soon and have his voice heard!

So that was our week and weekend. Believe it or not, we have a pretty low key week coming up! No play dates, no doctor appointments . . . nothing! And I'm ok with it because we've been very busy lately. Matty only works four days and then has Friday and the Monday after Easter off. woo hoo! #daddyshome #paintingthebathroom

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Matt and I could not agree more! My Kroger has been out of chocolate PB Haagen Dazs for WEEKS and it's all this pregnant lady wants! I've been settling for their chocolate chip cookie dough, which is also delicious, but my heart isn't really in it. LOL :)

  2. Cracking up at that hat! I'm pretty sure I didn't realize it would look like that on her head - it's definitely a "dress-up" hat and not one to be worn out of the house! I love that picture of the 3/4 of the babies looking up at the camera in the flower. So cute!