Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week(end) Recap

This week flew by for us. We had something to do every single day, which is just how I like it! I also took a ton of pictures. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy the cuteness!

Monday started off with a Furry Friends Animal Summit. I think she was explaining to them all the reasons why she doesn't need to learn how to crawl.

I snapped this one during naptime. "Mama, are you out there??" When she does things this cute when she's supposed to be sleeping, it takes ALL my self control not to go in there and snuggle with her!

We had a bonus Cuddle and Bounce class on Wednesday! Check out Lucy's friend, Catherine. She's not quite 11 months old yet and is WALKING! Lu is more interested in Catherine's stuffed animals than her amazing milestones.

All of the babies were super excited about the bubbles!

I picked up a few packs of Easter eggs at the dollar store. I left some empty, but filled some with rice, coins, and dried beans. Lucy loves to swing the bucket around to dump everything out, and then search for the ones that make noise. It's a nice break from playing at the bookshelf! 

My sister-in-law, Sarah, started back to work a few weeks ago. Tommy has been going to daycare three days a week, and it sure looks like he's having a good time! It also looks like he's getting so big . . . Aunt Molly needs some Tommy time!

I made pancakes for Lucy for the first time. She barely managed to eat a whole one, so the rest are in the freezer for a ready-to-go delicious breakfast.

Grabbing at her first bite . . .

 . . . tasting her first bite . . .

 . . . unsure of her first bite!! haha

The aftermath! She ended up really liking them . . .especially when I dipped them in homemade blueberry puree for her. You should have seen her lap . . . and the floor . . . and the two dogs that were cleaning the floor for me! 

The adorable face of a baby who decided she didn't need a nap.

Thursdays are Lucy's day to play with Oma!

My little helper while preparing dinner. Yes, that's a potato!

I just randomly snapped this picture while we were playing, and it's my new favorite. 

Matty took this picture Saturday morning, and it's also one of my new faves. This is what we do all day long.

Saturday morning we took Lucy to the library for a change of scenery for her book obsession. She LOVED the puppet show area. There were two little kiddos playing there when we arrived, and Lucy immediately started squealing and flailing her arms. The kids were so sweet and kept putting on a show for Lucy for about 10 minutes. It was adorable!

Rather than buy a baby ball pit, I decided to turn Lucy's pack n play into one. I ordered a pack of 100 balls thinking it would be plenty . . . I was mistaken!  :(

Lucy didn't seem to mind, though!!

Ryan and Stephanie came over on Saturday night, and Stephanie got to feed Lucy all of her dinner! Their relationship started off great, but then got a little rocky around the 6-9 month time, but they seem to be doing better now. ;) As far as Ryan goes, Lucy didn't cry when she saw him, and she even touched his foot while she was playing on the floor. However, there is a chance she was just trying to bite it!

We've been working on kisses with Lucy. Matt told us to smile for the camera, and she turned and started kissing all on her own! Melt my heart!

Cutest baby ever at the grocery!

And I'll leave you with a picture that demonstrates our wonderful parenting skills. This gave us a about 15 minutes to get dinner going. I've tried other cartoons with Lucy, and she's not interested. There's something about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that captivates her. . . and her daddy. He can do the Hot Dog dance at the end of each show like nobody's business!

That's all, folks! 

We've got another busy week planned. One lunch date, two play dates, and Cuddle and Bounce. And it looks like the weather is going to improve a bit. Might we actually get out for a nice walk this week?! 

Have a good one!


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