Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Triple Birthday Play Date!

Lucy and I are so lucky to have found a wonderful little group of mamas and babies to be friends with. The babies have been playing together (and the mamas have been eating and chit chatting together) since Lucy was about 4 months old. Three of her little friends all turn one within a few weeks of each other, and today we got together to celebrate Greta, Ella, and Colt! 

Here's Lucy in her party dress . . . with a book, of course . . . ready to party with her friends!

But first, some silliness in the rocking chair!

We were so lucky to have a BEAUTIFUL spring-like day today, so Lucy's sweater quickly came off. 

Here's sweet little Ella who will turn one next week!

And just for fun, here's a reminder of what Lucy and Ella looked like when they first met! Please note Lucy's lack of pants, because it'll be important in a minute.

Here's Greta and Catherine. Greta's mama made her lace birthday dress out of the dress she wore to her baby shower! 

I'll pretend that Lucy is sharing this toy with Vincent rather than trying to steal it away from him. I believe a few minutes after this was taken Lucy tipped over and they bonked heads. Oops!

And . . . can you find Lucy?! Yep, she's the one without her dress on! She was getting fussy, so I did what I know is guaranteed to calm her down . . . undress her!

Happy as a clam! 

You might want to take a minute to prepare yourself for this next picture. The cuteness level is off the charts, and some of you might not be able to handle it!

Here are all the babies at the triple birthday play date! Colt is second from the left, and he turned one at the end of February. From left to right is Catherine, Colt, Ella, Lucy, Greta, and Vincent. 

They were all up on the window seat for maybe 30 seconds. No one smiled, but no one fell off either, so I count it as a win! One of these days I'd like to get a picture with all the mamas, but I probably should have attempted that before all the babies became mobile. With six babies and six mamas chasing after them, no one is ever in the same place for very long! 

This was such a super fun day for Lucy and her friends!



  1. Holy Cuteness Batman!! These little lads and lasses are adorable in their party gear!! Molls, maybe you could do a pic of all the moms holding their babies - that way you at least know you won't have to chase after anyone ;)