Saturday, March 26, 2016

This and That

Thought I'd share a few quick picks from my phone this week so that tomorrow's post can be dedicated to everything Easter. 

Yesterday was one of my least favorite days of the year . . . both dogs had to go to the vet for their annual wellness check ups and heart worm tests. The news was not good. Both dogs are due for some pretty expensive tune-ups that cannot be put off any longer. Sydney has a gigantic fatty tumor on the inside of her back thigh that has been affecting how she walks for awhile. She also has two infected teeth that need to be extracted. Snort has a broken tooth that needs to come out and he also needs X-rays on his front legs so that he can be put on arthritis medicine. These buckets of fur are getting old, but not old enough that we can justify ignoring these problems. So . . . hello vet bills, goodbye tax return. And hello to a lot of worrying while they get put under anesthesia for the procedures . . . my poor doggies!

Prepare yourself for, quite possibly, the sweetest picture we have of Lucy. I put her down for her morning nap on Friday and thought she had gone to sleep. When I checked the monitor a little later, she was sitting up quietly loving on her ducky! Not a peep out of her. She just needed some snuggles. Our hearts melted.

Made some carrot and broccoli puree for LuLu. She'll eat little bits of food cut up into small pieces, but still eats better with the pureed fruits and veggies. 

Lucy was having a hard time getting to sleep for her afternoon nap the other day, so I rocked her for about 20 minutes. I was reading my book on the Kindle app on my phone for awhile because she hadn't moved so I assumed she was asleep. I switched to selfie mode on my camera to check on her, and this is what I saw. Apparently she's as interested in The Lion's Game as I am!

New raincoat just in time for a super rainy Thursday!

Lucy's new favorite play spot is our closet. Matty will take her in there in the mornings while he gets ready for work, and she has a great time. She likes to do push ups . . .

 . . .and play Peek-a-Boo . . .

 . . . and help daddy pick out his shirt for the day. 

DJ Bunny!

The bunny ears have been out all week!

And I'll leave you with a few gems from our Easter photo shoot. I did this on a weekday morning with Lucy at around 8:30 . . .we had a blast!

That's about it. The weather is supposed to be pretty good for Lucy's first Easter, and we are all geared up for baskets, good food, and visits to multiple houses. Because apparently the craziness of Lucy's first Thanksgiving taught us nothing! ;)


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