Friday, March 18, 2016

Lucy's First Easter Basket

I finished Lucy's Easter basket this morning and thought I'd share what I put in it. I love getting ideas from other people, and maybe there's someone out there who needs a last minute suggestion for a baby's basket. 

I bought the actual basket from Michael's, and I would describe it as a small/medium size. Good enough for her first few years, but once she gets into needing kites and things like that I might have to upgrade. I love the colors and the polka dots!

The iPlay sunhat is from Zulily and the iPlay flamingo reusable swim diaper is from Target, but they both can be found at Buy Buy Baby or Amazon. I picked up the adorable giraffe top and capris from Buy Buy Baby. Lucy seems to have a lot of giraffe stuffed animals and even a pair of giraffe shoes, so Matt and I joke that the giraffe is her spirit animal. I'm not sure we even know what that means, but giraffes are cute so we go with it!

I selected these four hair clips from The Bowfairy Bowtique on Etsy. It's the cutest shop for little girl accessories. They are adorable, and I can't wait for Lucy to wear them! I also got her a cute little chick to wear for Easter and am kicking myself for not getting her a bunny. There's always next year!

I picked up this Little Tikes Play Triangle at Target last week, and I think LuLu will really like it. She loves to sit and fiddle with things, and this toy has all kinds of gadgets and gizmos to move and fiddle with. The Carter's purse was an impulse buy at the register when I was returning something at the Carter's store. Oops! It has crinkly paper inside the fabric, keys to chew on, and a mirror. Lucy usually gets a toy in her carseat with her when we go places, so now she can bring a purse with her just like mama! And to fuel Lucy's book obsession, I picked up the farm animal book at Babies R Us. We've been working on farm animal sounds at Cuddle and Bounce, so this will be right up Lucy's alley. She'll enjoy pushing the buttons and hearing the animal sounds. 

A close up of the play triangle. I really hope she likes it as much as I think she will!

So that's it . . . all of Lucy's treasures for her first Easter! However, she's been dying for a bunny balloon from Kroger, so I might pick one of those up for her next Saturday to tie to the basket. 

It's Friday night so it's time to go sleep through watch a movie with my handsome hubby. 


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