Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Jessie and Justin take the Leap!

This past Monday we had the opportunity to celebrate a once in a lifetime event that will forever more be fondly remembered once every four years (ok, we'll remember it every year, but it'll have to be either February 28 or March 1). That's right, on February 29, 2016, my cousin Jessie and her fiance Justin got married! (Oh, and I wish I could take credit for the clever blog post title, but Justin and Jessie used that as a tagline for their big day. So cute!). 

Originally, we had planned on having Rita watch Lucy the night of the wedding, but Rita was getting over a cold so we decided to take Lucy with us. However, we waited til the day before to see how Rita was feeling, so that meant I had last minute baby dress shopping to do! Not the worst problem I've ever had! 

As you scroll through the pictures, you might be wondering "Where is that handsome husband of Molly's?" Well, about 20 minutes before we were due to leave for the wedding, Matty happened to go in the basement and came up and announced that our sump pump had backed up! What?! We have to leave in 20 minutes, Lucy isn't dressed yet, and it's a WEDDING so we kind of need to be on time! I may not have handled it as gracefully as a loving wife should have, but it was decided that Matty would have to stay home to take care of the issue, and I would take Lucy to the wedding. So what started out as a date night for Matty and me turned into me taking Lucy to the wedding by myself! After I calmed myself down and arrived at the restaurant, everything worked out and Lucy and I enjoyed the magical evening that Jessie and Justin planned!

Lucy's first party dress! We were both super excited about how cute she looked!

The candy table . . . before the candy was set out. Gummy worms, M&Ms, Rolos, Hershey Kisses. Yes, please!

The cupcake display in the front window was just darling. When it got dark, the twinkle lights made it look so magical!

Yes, the lovebirds sign is cute. But let's focus on the cupcakes for a minute. It was a chocolate cupcake with Oreo frosting and half of an Oreo on top. Sounds delicious, right? Well it was. BUT . . . what I didn't see coming was the delightful little surprise that was waiting for me when I bit into it . . . a whole Oreo cookie! An Oreo cookie was baked inside of a cupcake. Just think about that for a minute!

I was oogling the cupcakes and then Carla pointed out that Jessie was standing right outside! Hello, beautiful bride!!

Two sweeties in front of the sweets! How are these two 6 and 7 already?!

The cupcake display made for great picture taking. Lucy's not smiling because she's too little to appreciate the appeal of a cupcake. 

Who's that handsome fella? Hello, dad! I kind of wanted to keep standing there to see who else would pop up in the window!

Lucy was so excited to see Sadie! There was a lot of leg kicking and arm flailing!

Sadie and Oma!

Jessie and her daddy. Isn't the lighting so pretty?

I love this picture. Justin looks so happy!

Lucy and Aunt Carla!

The mother of the bride . . . isn't she stunning?!

There was an upstairs at the restaurant and, when I asked who was up there, my Aunt Donna said she thought it was the party crowd. To which I immediately responded, "Don't I look ready to party?!" And Carla captured the moment. #itsjustwater

Lucy checking out the food on the table to see what she can try.

She looks so grown up!

It got a little warm in the room so I took off Lucy's sweater. Now, I know that I dress her everyday and give her a bath every night, but it seems like these arms have been covered up for a long time. I was super happy to see those chubby rolls again . . . hurry up tank top weather!

This was when my brother said something that made me laugh out loud, very unattractively, with food in my mouth. Carla thought it was funny and asked me to recreate it. She's always there to get the important pictures! ;)

Jessie's bouquet was made out of pages from Harry Potter books! If you haven't read the books, maybe don't look too closely at the bouquet . . . I wouldn't want to ruin anything for you! #spoileralert

Waving goodbye at the end of the night. Miss Lucy was getting a bit fussy so it was time to make our exit. 

And I'll leave you with this beautiful picture of the bride and groom. Not sure if I'm supposed to use this (I stole it from Jessie's Facebook page!), but it is too adorable not to share!

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Carla, for taking most of the pictures. Except the last one . . . that was taken professionally ;)

And thank you to Jessie and Justin for throwing such a great party on a very memorable day! Let's get together again to celebrate your first anniversary . . . in four years.



  1. Love the pics! :) Seriously though, this was an absolutely adorable wedding and fit the couple so perfectly! Oh, I also love Lucy's arm rolls - we really captured those when she was sitting at the table!