Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Jesus rising from the dead wasn't the only miracle that occurred this year. We had beautiful weather, Lucy made it through the day without an afternoon nap or any major breakdowns, and . . . SHE STARTED CRAWLING! She's still getting the hang of it, but it's happening and it's really so cute! We could kind of tell throughout the day that she was trying to, but her Easter dress seemed to be holding her back. When we got home, Matty took off her dress and set her down in the play room and away she went!

But rewinding to Easter morning. . . I made the mistake of not cleaning up the playroom before bringing in her basket that the Easter bunny so helpfully left in our closet ;) Not only does it not make for good picture taking, but Lucy was pretty distracted by the balls and cups around her. The ears lasted about 4 seconds, but she was super cute!

The angle that Matty was sitting at provided a lot of cheek shots. Enjoy!

Tolerating her strawberry sunhat!

So serious with her new toy . . .

 . . . until the bunny ears came out again!

I got up early to make these delicious carrot cake cupcakes. And I do mean delicious! I ate one while I was frosting them (duh!), one at Easter dinner, and one (and a half!) leftover the next day. I was sad to see them go, and I miss them already.

There's an ongoing feud at Matzo family events as to whether or not carrot cake should have raisins in it. Matty and I are firmly in the "Heck No" camp, but there's a group of protesters, led by my brother, who demand raisins. Because I was feeling particularly generous on Easter morning, I made a dozen without raisins and then added some raisins to the last of the batter. Peace on Earth!

"Uncle Matt, take a really close up picture of my face."

And they're off! What a beautiful day for an Easter egg hunt!

Look at Sadie's sweet face!

For some reason, I really like this picture. I think it's because both Carla and Sadie are totally unaware that they are being photographed. It looks like it could be in US Weekly with the caption, "Stars . . .they're just like us . . .they hunt for Easter eggs with their kids!"

My sweet little Easter baby!

And I thought I'd toss this one in here in case anyone was interested in seeing the turquoise pants I wore. #feelingadventurous 

Lucy had one green egg hidden for her to find.

She was proud of herself for finding it so quickly!

Look at that sweet face!!

Our first Easter as a family of three.

Matty's turn to hold that heavy baby! Do you see my dad in the background? He, my brother, and both of my nephews all had on blue shirts with khaki pants. We kept saying we needed to get a picture of all of them, but I don't think anyone ever did. 

Sadie, Gordie, and Andy. So cute . . . and getting so big!!

After my mom and dad's house, we stopped by Aunt Judie's to visit with Matty's side of the family. Lucy was too busy watching what was happening in the kitchen to smile with Aunt Judie.

Smiling at Grandpa Gary.

I hope those bracelets don't get stuck on her arm rolls! ;)

And let's not forget about Sarah, Brian, and our little Tommy bunny! They stayed in Bloomington, but were so cute on their first Easter with the little guy!

And finally, Lucy on the drive down . . . and on the drive home!

It was a busy, tiring, and fun day! 

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Have a great week!


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