Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekend Recap: The Extended Version

I didn't do a "Life Lately" post this week for a few reasons. First, because Lucy was still sick this week so there was not a ton of pictures to be taken. Secondly, because I've been TIRED. Caring for a sick baby is fairly time consuming, and most nights last week I dozed off on the couch. Except for Bachelor Night. Because the adrenaline of who's going to get sent home keeps me going! So the recap of our weekend will actually include some of the pictures I did manage to take throughout the week. A little extra Lucy never hurt anyone!

Bonding time through the Pack N Play. Nothing would make Sydney happier than if I put her in there with Lucy. 

My snack for watching The Bachelor. I wish I could say my nightly snack was always this healthy. Fresh fruit is starting to come out of its winter time slump, and I'm excited!!

Apparently watching Lucy play with her toys is exhausting for Snort!

I lured her away from her books for about five minutes. It looks like she's having the two bears kiss here, which is adorable!!

Lucy has become pretty attached to her Ducky, which we think is super cute. We picked up an identical one, just in case. This way I can wash and alternate and she'll never know. 

Wednesday night and Thursday morning we got about 5" of wet snow. Here's Matty taking care of it before getting ready for work. What a guy!

A healthy breakfast to snack on throughout the morning. The muffin has blueberries in it, so that counts!

Lucy was feeling much better on Friday, and I decided it was time to venture back out into the world . . . so we met Matty for lunch! 

It was a great change from our usual daily routine during the week. As we were getting ready to leave, a lady at the table next to us commented on how cute Lucy is and said, "It's a shame you two don't like that baby very much." haha

Lunch was so exhausting that she just couldn't manage to stay awake at the post office. #giantbabyhands

Saturday was Aunt Sarah's birthday. I had it written in my planner, but I forgot to back up four days and write "mail Sarah's card" like I usually do. So when I realized on Thursday that a card would not make it to Bloomington, Illinois by Saturday I decided to have Lucy help me make a little photo card. Here is the result. The bottom right picture is pretty hilarious. 

The two hours between Matt getting home from work and Lucy going to bed is often challenging for us. There's dinner to be made, dogs to be walked (weather permitting), playtime, and bath time. And this past week has been particularly challenging because Lucy hadn't been feeling well. So one night we decided to take Lucy to Meijer and walk around just to change up our routine a bit. So as we were perusing the toy aisles, we happened upon a Little Tikes swing that was on clearance for $13! We had been discussing the fact that we'd like to hang a swing in the backyard for Lucy this summer, so we took advantage of the good deal and snatched one up . . . . and hung it in the basement for the rest of the winter! 

Lucy wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first.

But she finally realized she was having a good time!

Saturday afternoon was spent bouncing on Papa's knee . . .

 . . . and reading books with Oma. 

The last bit of this post is dedicated to the food we ate this weekend. One of Matt's coworkers grows honey in the woods outside of their building. Yes, you read that correctly. So on Friday Matty brought home a piece of honeycomb in a plastic container and started straining it to get the honey out.

It was a slooooow process, so eventually he broke out the hairdryer to heat up the honey. 

This is what he ended up with. 

And here's what it looked like drizzled over homemade biscuits on Sunday morning! Delicious!!

Sunday evening Matty made pork tenderloin and roasted vegetables. He decided to jazz the veggies up a bit by adding bacon on top of half them. That half was not for my taste, but he really enjoyed it. 

So that was our weekend. We've got a busy week coming up, starting with a WEDDING on Monday evening!! Yes, that's right, my cousin Jessie and her fiance Justin are getting married on Leap Year. I'm pretty sure it will make for an exceptionally exciting Monday night. 

Sorry if this post is a little more hodge podge than usual. I'm having a difficult time dividing my attention between blogging and the Oscars. #ShowLeoSomeLove
As usual, though, I'll have to watch Good Morning America tomorrow to see who the big winners are, because I'll be snoozing long before they announce the important awards. 

Have a great week!! Do something awesome with your extra day!


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