Thursday, February 11, 2016

Life Lately

Is it just me or did this week fly by? We've had some busy days, and Lucy has decided it's time to change her schedule and routine so each day has been a surprise! She is SO CLOSE to crawling. She wants to do it so badly. I feel sorry for her when she's on her tummy and crying and fussing because there's a toy in front of her that she just can't get. Any second now that sweet baby is just going to take off . . . I know it! 

The week started off with some play time at Oma and Papa's house. Look at how crazy her hair is getting!

Monday afternoon Lucy was too concerned with what I was doing in the kitchen to nap, so I had a little helper with me. I tried to tell her that I was only making beans and rice, which is not that exciting, so she should go down for a nap. But she wasn't having it. Maybe she should have made dinner and I should have napped!

But then this happened, and it made the whole no nap thing worthwhile . . . Lucy's first ponytail! 

Tuesday morning was all fun and games with some strawberries and blueberries for breakfast . . .

 . . . until she sneezed!! Her arm, the entire high chair, and my shirt were all a mess!!

Putting it in reverse!

Lucy discovered her bookshelf this week, and ALL SHE WANTS TO DO is sit or lay in front of it and take the books off. All day every day. If I set her down someplace else in her room, she will fuss until I move her or she rolls herself over. It's super cute and I love seeing her discover new things, but it's getting a little boring for me!

Say cheese!!

Wednesday was my make up consultation at Nordstrom. It was super fun, and I learned a lot, but I couldn't really splurge on all the high end beauty products that were used on me. My favorite thing was the lip stick, so I did splurge on that. I am super picky about what goes on my lips and can't stand when chapstick/lip gloss/lip stick is sticky or wet feeling. I also prefer to have just one go-to lip stick in my purse at all times . . . I'm not one to switch up colors very often. So in this picture I'm wearing Dior Addict Lip Glow in Lilac. The link goes to the Sephora site because the Lilac color option isn't showing up on Nordstrom's website for some reason.  It's not cheap, but lip sticks last a long time . . . and it makes me happy!  Oh, and instead of going out to dinner or something with my nice make up, I went to the Loft to try on a few things and then tutored in the afternoon. #partygirl #whatsgoingonwithmyleg

Made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies for a bake sale at Matty's work this week. I was nervous the mixer wasn't going to keep up, but she handled it like a champ!

Oma brought Lucy a Valentine's Day gift on Thursday.

Super excited about her new gift of tissue paper!

A little more subdued about her actual gift! haha

Keeping her eye on the shakers at Cuddle and Bounce. And how cute is Lucy's friend Charlie?!

This giant drum was a lot of fun. Even for those that chose to clap instead of bang!

And I have to end with this little gem. I picked Lucy up from her crib after her nap and she immediately started "doing her business" when I set her down. This is not her finest moment, but I think she looks hilarious!

Have a good weekend. Stay warm!


  1. Thank u for the lovely pictures of Lucy and I, When I look at ur blog and see pictures of sweet Lucy I pull Gary aside and say ok its time for u to look at some pictures of ur grandaughter and I get to enjoy them all over again with Grandpa, my new Grandbabys baby shower is Feb 27 I have been so excited and looking forward to heading home from Fla, leaveing this weather and my Fla family will b tough for Gary and I but getting home to see my boys and preparing for the new baby will be wonderful.Hopefully we can see Lucy soon but we understand with how busy things are. Thanks again for the Valentine's card we have it up on my dads fridge for everyone to enjoy. :)

  2. Oops should of proof read before I sent last message. :/ sorry