Friday, February 5, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty uneventful around the Kissel house . . . just the way I like it! 

On Monday, Lucy and I went to my friend Jeanette's house. Lucy was super interested in all of Marie's toys and necklaces. She stayed on her tummy a long time just watching Marie and Hannah (a one-year-old little girl that Jeanette watches) play and run around. 

I feel the same way after a morning of running errands!

Lucy was taking an exceptionally long afternoon nap so I went in to check on that sweet baby. She was awake, but just resting quietly. So adorable!

Valentine's Day sunglasses from Aunt Carla, Uncle Zack, Andy, Sadie, and Gordie!

Rather than mashing up a banana, I gave her a big chunk and let her have at it. She really enjoyed it . . . but oh the mess!!

This last group of pictures is all from the best 45 minute play session ever. I picked Lucy up from her afternoon nap, and she immediately wanted to go on the floor and play. She was rolling around, squealing, smiling, and having a great time!

She isn't crawling yet, but she can scoot herself backward. As Aunt Sarah suggested, we better get this baby a rearview mirror! ;)

And then she got a hold of a magazine I had brought in the bedroom with me, and things got even better! Aside from having to fish one small piece out of her mouth, I just sat there for 15 minutes while Lucy crumpled, tore, shrieked, and explored. We both loved it!

So that's about it. We have a play date today, and it's also my birthday! Should make for a good day and an enjoyable weekend. Cheat days + birthday cake = Happy Molly!


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