Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend we celebrated Gordie's 2nd birthday!

My super talented sister-in-law threw a Puppy Party, and the little decorating touches were so cute! 

I'll adopt this puppy!

Homemade Puppy Chow in dog bowls. Delicious!

Sadie is such a great playmate for Lucy!

Three generations!

On Saturday evening Lucy and her daddy had a little couch time during the football game.

And then we put Lucy to bed and things got really crazy!

I'm doing pretty good with my resolution to be better about making Lucy's food. I bought a butternut squash for $3 and got 11 servings out of it! Not too shabby!

That being said, check out this picture that my friend Candis posted. This is the food she made for her daughter, Caroline, who is just a few days older than Lucy. Noodles with sweet potatoes and green beans, yogurt with a cherry/blueberry swirl, and cinnamon sweet potatoes! She inspires me to not only make my food look more presentable, but also to be a little more adventurous with what I make for Lucy. I'm the first to admit that I get NERVOUS about getting too crazy with Lucy's food because I don't want to upset her tummy. I tried making her pears a little lumpier than usual so that she can get used to different food textures, and she wouldn't eat them. If Candis could just prepare a daily menu for me, I think I'd do a much better job!

Also, on a side note, as a new mama I feel that there should be an additional well visit to the doctor between six and nine months. These seem to be crucial months with a ton of changes including teeth, food intake, and sleeping patterns. I feel like I have a ton of questions that I'm either asking other mamas about or emailing the doctor. I would have liked to have the chance to sit down with the doctor again and ask all of my questions once I started giving Lucy solid foods. Ok, end of rant. Here's the picture of Candis's food . . . finally! 

My parents came over for lunch on Sunday to visit with Lucy. Due to busy schedules and my mom getting a bad cold, they had not had any "one-on-one" time with Lucy in several weeks. I wish I had remembered to take some pictures because it was super cute to see my dad on the floor playing musical instruments with Lucy with a giant bell hanging from his ear. 

My dad brought his camera so I could go through his pictures and put some on my computer. I found a few gems of when Lucy was first born that simply must be shared!

One day old!

One week old! I miss all those tiny little clothes!

Look how tiny she was in her carseat! Before too long she'll be transitioning into a new carseat because she's getting so big. Also, I miss the summer . . . and tank tops . . . and tans!

And finally, can we take a minute to admire these curls?! I generally am not one to toot my own horn about my hair, but I feel like it looked pretty good at Lucy's baptism! A few weeks after that it started falling out like crazy (as I hear is common after having a baby), so I chopped off six inches. I miss it and am growing it back . . . slowly but surely!

That's about it. We have a fairly busy week coming up. We have a play date on Tuesday with a lot of our baby friends and mamas that we haven't seen since we hosted a play date before Christmas. Lucy and I are soooo excited to see our friends! I'm sure the babies have grown so much . . . they better be ready to pose for pictures!

Have a great week!


  1. Love the new look Mol!!!! And the pic of Lucy from the hospital - I hadn't seen that one before :)