Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekend Recap

Much like the weekend, my post will be short. Why do the weekends just fly by? We had a pretty relaxing two days, which was nice. That also means not a lot of photo opportunities, though. 

Lucy has started rolling around quite a bit. On Friday she managed to roll herself over to her closet doors and had a fun play date with the other baby!

Saturday afternoon we had a nice little family date. We went out to lunch at the Rusty Bucket and then to look at the ice sculptures in Downtown Plymouth. Lucy spent most of her lunchtime chewing on a toy, throwing it on the floor, getting it wiped down by mama, and repeating. 

Look at that handsome guy with the adorable baby. Good thing I was there with them or the ladies would have been all over him!

It was 45 degrees on Saturday. The park was super crowded and several of the ice sculptures were melting. Lucy was unimpressed. 

And because we like to really get crazy on the weekends, Lucy got to spend her first bit of time in the real bathtub Saturday night. Splish Splash!

Terrible weather today meant we stayed at home most of the day. We braved the weather long enough to go visit our friends, the Olsons, for an hour but not long enough to go to the grocery. Priorities. During Lucy's afternoon nap I may have squeezed in a little neck warmer/wine/book time. It was a darn good thirty minutes!!

That's all she wrote! Time to gear up for another week. It's supposed to be coooold. Be sure to bundle up and don't forget to snuggle down when you can!



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