Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekend Recap - Teething Edition

Poor Lucy Belle. She has been getting teeth nonstop. She is currently working on her third top tooth, which means our weekend was chock full of drooling and fussiness. I did manage to capture a few of her happier moments, though. And, knock on wood, this round of teething hasn't seemed to affect her sleeping at night. However, she did decide to skip her afternoon nap today and did surprisingly well considering her lack of sleep. 

Friday during the day I decided to snap a mirror selfie to send to Matty. I have Valentine's Day stickers on Lucy's mirror, and I really couldn't have recreated this picture if I tried. It looks as though I intentionally tried to block out her face. Oops!

A crazy Friday evening of books and puppets.

Looking adorable with her bow and her babydoll lovie!

On Saturday afternoon Matty had a much deserved "man day" with a few of his friends. I stayed at home with a fussy Lu. I was tired and didn't feel like going through all the work of getting ready to take her anywhere, so we had a good couple hours of play time. 

Lucy felt that her money was much safer in her mouth than in the piggy bank.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so we recreated one of our favorite activities from our Cuddle and Bounce class . . . traveling around in a laundry basket! Lucy wasn't really feeling it, but Sydney enjoyed trotting around with us . . . and even stole the stuffed teddy bear at one point. #whenwilldaddybehome

After our ride around the house, we parked and pet the animals for a few minutes.

Then things took a turn for the worse, so I figured it was time for some lunch.

But apparently my mama radar was off, and it was actually time for a nap! :) This is what happened when I turned away for a minute to rinse out some dishes. 

Grandma Rita came over on Sunday to get some Lucy time before she goes to spend a week with Cousin Tommy. 

Lucy showed us how much she loves her spinach and carrots.

And because we really know how to party it up here at the Kissel house, we finished off the weekend by reorganizing the freezer and rotating the breastmilk. Party animals, we are not! 

I am an avid Good Morning America watcher. I love Robin, George, Lara, Michael, and Ginger. That being said, our ABC signal went out for a bit last week so I switched to the Today Show . . . and ended up getting a good little tip. They were doing a story about ways for busy moms to fit in exercise and suggested that rather than dumping the laundry out on the bed to fold (which I usually do), you keep it in the basket and do a squat every time you reach down for something to fold. You know how once you know something you can't un-know it? Well I did four loads of laundry today, and every time I went to fold it I thought about that news story and knew I would feel guilty if I didn't squat while I folded . . . so I did! It may have added a little more time to my laundry folding, but I felt good about staying active. Lucy's laundry really had me feeling the burn. I did a quick count when I was finished, and there were at least 55 things I had folded! (I decided to really make the exercise count, so I'd squat down to get one sock . . . then squat down to get it's match!) 

That was our weekend! This week I will be adding "recipe" and "book" pages to my blog. Feel free to stop by and check out my suggestions.

Have a great week!


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