Thursday, January 28, 2016

Life Lately

As I was selecting the pictures for my post today I was thinking that I might be posting too many pictures of Lucy. Then I thought . . . NOPE! That's the purpose of the blog! She's been abnormally fussy this week, but she's also had her super cute moments. We've been hanging out at home a lot . . . do stay at home moms in Arizona have it easier than stay at home moms in Michigan? This weather is going to be the end of me!

Remember when I said my motto for the new year would be "Less shopping, more mopping?" Well I've definitely been going to the mall less, which is contributing to my stir-craziness. But there hasn't been any mopping. And it's on my mind every. single. day! My amazing husband bought me a janitor-like mop bucket and mop when we moved into this house. It's nice, it's just that we store it in the basement and it seems like a lot of work to lug it upstairs, fill it up in the bathtub, move all the chairs and rugs, vacuum, and then mop. All while either entertaining a baby or while she is sleeping, which just seems like a bad idea.  My birthday is next Friday. In lieu of a gift, if someone showed up at my house and said they would vacuum and mop my floors, it'd be the best gift ever. Or maybe just entertain that sweet baby so I could do it. Because seeing someone else mop my floors might just drive me bananas!

Anyhoo . . . on to the pictures! I'm starting off with a picture of the little lady that used to be the center of my world until Lucy arrived. Sydney is sound asleep in this picture. Apparently all cute little girls in this house like to stick out their tongues!

Lu in a Box!

Grandma Rita bought Lucy a new outfit, and I think she likes it!

Sweet baby girl loved this giant teddy bear. She's still trying to convince her Daddy that she needs it for Valentine's Day.

How I make dinner.

Lucy had some fun play time at Oma and Papa's on Tuesday. She even wore the new outfit they bought her!

This is my new favorite picture. I love this sweet baby!

Multitasking . . . she gets it from her mama!

"Uh, Papa, there's something on your face. . . and if you don't move soon I'm going to lick it!"

I ordered a sun hat to put in Lucy's Easter basket. I figured I'd try it on her to see if it fits (she won't remember). She wasn't too thrilled with it. She was probably upset that her pants no longer match her shirt, but that's what happens when you dump water on yourself at lunch.

I put Lucy in a laundry basket with a bowl of dry noodles. If this doesn't earn me the "Mother of the Year" award, I don't know what will! ;) At first Sydney removed the noodles from the bowl one by one, and before long Lucy caught on and started holding them up for her. #buddies

Please note: Lucy's mouth is not full of dry noodles in this picture . . . her cheeks are just THAT big!

On Wednesday morning Lucy demonstrated how to chew handles and wear scarves at her Furry Friends Animal Summit.

Someone had a refreshing nap!!

I took Lucy to play at her friend Ella's house, and she had her first teething biscuit. Try not to be distracted by her adorably fat wrists!

On Thursday night three amazing things happened:

1. I went to dinner with a friend . . . without Lucy!
2. Matty watched Lucy all on his own for the 90 minutes I was gone.
3. He changed a POOPY diaper!

Watch your heads, everyone, there are pigs flying about! ;)

Here's a picture that Matty texted me while I was at dinner. I believe Lucy is offering Matty her favorite book as an apology for making a poopy diaper. 

I had dinner with my friend Lianne, and she brought Lucy two adorable outfits. Lucy loved them and insisted on sending Lianne a picture to thank her.

The giraffe outfit is her favorite!

So that's life lately. Hope everyone is having a great week. I have a little craft idea up my sleeve for Lucy that I hope to post about this weekend. 



  1. First of all, I love the new look! Also, I never posted on the weekend re-cap when I mean to tell you that you look seriously adorable in glasses :) Seeing these cutie pie outfits reminds me that I saw the cutest outfit for Lucy at Target today, but they only had 18 months and then skipped to 4T! Maybe I'll go online to see if I can find it. I'm sure LB would appreciate the extra effort ;)

  2. We will still b on our cruise next Friday but if we were home we would love nothing more then to come over and play with sweet Lucy while u did the floores or we could have Gary do them, he does a wonderful job at our house.:) the outfit Lucy is wearing with Love on it in pink is absolutely adorable. So I think its time Grandpa Gary and Karen get our sweet girl a few outfits, what size is she in now? Give her kisses from us.