Thursday, January 21, 2016

Life Lately

How do you like the new look? I chose it because it is cute and whimsical . . . just like our Luberry! In the coming weeks I hope to add a "Recipe" page and a "Book" page. I love sharing and getting ideas for new recipes and books, so this can be a way for me to let others know what I'm up to, and others can (hopefully) give me some good ideas of what to eat or read . . . or read while eating! ;)

Life lately has been good. For about the past three weeks, Lucy has been on a very predictable schedule, and I LOVE it. I THRIVE, THRIVE, THRIVE on schedules and routines. I enjoy being able to plan play dates knowing exactly when Lucy will be at her best for playing nicely with others. I love knowing that I'll get a little time in the morning and even more time in the afternoon to get stuff done while she naps. Yes, I know her routine won't last forever, but for now I'm really enjoying it! 

I'd like to give some of the credit for Lucy's schedule to my friend Lisa. I met Lisa at our Cuddle and Bounce class, and she's part of the group of mamas that get together for play dates. Back at the beginning of December I was lamenting that Lucy's naps were pretty unpredictable, and she told me about the 2-3-4 sleep schedule. Basically, it means that Lucy should take her morning nap two hours after she wakes up, then take her afternoon nap three hours after she wakes up from her morning nap, and then go to bed four hours after she wakes up from her afternoon nap. That worked really well for a few weeks, but now we've kind of morphed into a 2-4-2.5 pattern. This baby is sleeping like a champ!

Anyhoo . . . on to the pictures.

Our week started off with a trip to Ikea. Lucy sat in her stroller like a big girl and loved looking around at all the furniture.  Notice that she's not wearing any shoes . . .we solve that problem pretty quickly this week!

On Tuesday Lucy had a play date at her friend Catherine's house. We were super excited to go because we hadn't seen our friends since before Christmas!

There are two black Shar-peis at the house where we went for the play date. We briefly got to meet Walter, who is nine-years-old and blind. Poor little guy. I was super excited to see him because I grew up with a Shar-pei named Daisy. 

Plenty of helpers in the kitchen while I'm making dinner!

Fun with scarves . . . thanks, Amber!

Hanging out in mama and daddy's bed for a bit. Side note: these pajamas and bib seem to make appearances a lot this week. I assure you they both got washed at least twice . . . I just love them so much that I always put her in them. ;)

Playing with her lion and penguin friends.

Lucy's feet had a good week. I'm starting to take her out of her car seat more and put her in the stroller or grocery cart. She weighs almost 20 pounds, and the car seat by itself weighs 8 pounds, so that's getting to be too much weight for me to lug around! So now that her feet aren't tucked into her cozy car seat anymore, I figured it was time to get her some shoes to keep those tootsies warm. I died and went to heaven when I saw these at the store. For the record . . . Matty doesn't like them . . . but I don't care! It's pretty hard to get Lucy to hold her feet still long enough to get a picture of both shoes, but the other foot has the mama giraffe's body on it. So cute!

Then Amber brought over these adorable boots that she MADE! As in like sewed fabric together and then it became boots. #unbelievable. For the record . . . Matty likes these . . .and so do Lucy and I!

Lucy's right eye has been looking a little droopy to us lately, so I decided to take her in the have it looked at. I got an appointment for 11:40 (perfect, because according to Lucy's new schedule she should be done napping by 11), and this is what she looked like at 11:15 . . . of course!

But she woke up in a good mood and here she is on her way in to the doctor.

So it turns out that Lucy has something called Ptosis, which is basically a fancy word for "droopy eyelid." The muscle in her right eyelid has weakened for some reason and so her eye appears to be smaller than the left eye, as evidenced in the two pictures below.

The doctor said that it's basically a cosmetic issue and, while it most likely will not go away, it shouldn't get any worse. She also said that no one will notice because they will be too distracted by her large cheeks. #truth

Blueberries for my Luberry!

My SIL, Carla, sent Lucy some finger tooth brushes. I thought for sure she would hate having her teeth brushed, so I had Matt do it the first time . . .and they both really enjoyed it! haha. Lucy can't use the finger toothbrush herself because it's small and she could choke so I bought her this banana toothbrush/teether, and she loves it! Clean teeth . . . Oma will be so proud!

I used to keep Lucy in her Rock n Play while I was showering or doing stuff in our room. However, that sweet little baby sits up in it now and leans forward and it almost gave me a heart attack the other day. So, bye bye Rock n Play . . .hello foam mat on the ground! This should buy us some time until she starts crawling. 

And finally . . . Cousin Tommy! He's almost three months old and fattening up quite nicely! We get to see him in a few weeks, and I can't wait to cuddle him up!

That's life at the Kissel house lately. Hope everyone has a good weekend!



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