Thursday, January 7, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been busy. Lucy and I transitioned back into our normal routine pretty easily once Matty went back to work. She has been fairly consistent with her naps, and I've vowed to use her nap time to my advantage. During her morning nap is my time to eat breakfast, shower and get ready, make the bed, and wash the bottles and pumping parts from the morning. Any time left after that is a bonus, and I usually use it for some type of chore around the house. The afternoon nap is when I pump, eat lunch if I haven't gotten to it yet, wash the lunchtime bottles and pumping parts, and do as much dinner preparation as possible. This worked really well this week and the result was three dinners ready to go in the evening and one night of leftovers. I'll take it!

I've also vowed to do better with making Lucy's food. I slipped quite easily into the routine of using pouches and store bought food, which I'm totally fine with every now and then, but I feel like the basic fruits and veggies can easily be made at home. I already had a good supply of sweet potatoes and peaches made. Today I made yellow squash and green beans. Tomorrow is strawberries and apples. I feel accomplished and very mommy-like when the food is made, but it adds another thing to my to-do list in the evenings. I'm not complaining, though, because I now officially have declared Monday evenings my evening "off." After Lucy goes to bed I straighten things up, hop in the shower, and then hunker down on the couch with the hubby for a night of . . . The Bachelor!  Don't judge, everyone has a guilty pleasure!

Our week started off with a trip to the grocery. Lucy is ALWAYS a hit at the store.

I wish my camera had snapped this pic two seconds sooner, because her head was all the way in the cube. She wanted her bell, and she found it!

This baby loves nothing more than to be in just a diaper. She just loves showing off those arm rolls!

But she was just as happy once I finally wrangled her into some clothes. Pretty much the only time Lucy is guaranteed to fuss is when she's getting dressed. Sweet baby girl does not like outfit changes!

About every month and two I do a mass shopping of all the essentials . . . dog food, toilet paper, paper towel, soap, diapers. I usually order everything from Amazon or Target. However, last time I did it I felt really bad for Joe the UPS man. Not only did he have three large boxes to hall inside for me, but one of them contained a 28lb bag dog food and a box of diapers! So for this stock up, I left Lucy at home with Grandma Rita and went to Target. See why I can't buy this stuff with Lucy with me . . . where would she go?!

I'm fairly certain this is my new favorite picture of Lucy. She has had a stuffy nose since last week and has started sleeping on her side. I think it is the cutest thing in the world. I snuck in and snapped this picture of her toward the end of her afternoon nap the other day. 

We still give Lucy her baths in the baby bath tub that fits over our sink. She has become very interested in the electrical outlet when I put her on the counter to dry her off, so we've done our first baby proofing. I just put one cover on first to try it out, and it does it's job . . . this mama couldn't get it off!

I don't know why this picture rotated, but you can still clearly see the price tag: $2.60 for a pair of leggings at Kohls! It would have been a crime not to buy them . . . so I did.

Monkey see, monkey do!

Tomorrow I get to have a cheat day, so I bought this today to have on hand. I may have taken a bite or two just to test it out, and it did not disappoint! I'm really looking forward to eating a large scoop of it tomorrow evening, afternoon, morning. ;)

That's about all from me. Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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