Thursday, January 14, 2016

Life Lately - Lotto Fever

Well, we are not billionaires. I am not typing this on my private jet enroute to the Four Seasons in Hawaii. I did not spend the day shopping with my own stylist at Nordstrom. I did not come home to a healthy meal prepared by my personal chef. I had to blow dry my own hair this morning. 


Honestly, though, Matt and I suppose we are probably better off. And Lucy is probably better off. 
But still.

One or two million-aire
A couple thousand-aire
A few extra hundred-aire
Enough to finish our basement and put Lu through college-aire

I could have handled any of those. 

Matt and I bought three tickets. My mother-in-law, Rita, was over and asked me to buy her a few as well. I didn't have much cash on me so I could only buy tickets for Matt and me, but we told Rita we'd take care of her if we won ;) Here's a snapshot of our texting conversation last night when I saw we didn't win. It's important to note that Rita LOVES to use emojis when texting, so I chose to convey my feelings to her in a language she understood by finding all the angry emojis. She chose to use expletives. haha

I saw a story on Good Morning America about the owner of the convenience store in California who sold one of the winning tickets. He and a bunch of his customers were celebrating and were so happy that you would have thought he won the actually lottery instead of just selling the ticket. It was so heartwarming. Hopefully the person who bought the ticket will send a little love (in the form of money!) the store owner's way. 

I'm becoming slightly obsessed with taking pictures of the monitor while Lucy is sleeping. I miss her when she goes to bed for the night, and she just looks so darn cute! Look at that chubby arm thrown across her face!

We've recently started putting this ducky in Lucy's crib with her as a comfort item. I noticed that she'd wake up in the middle of the night and she'd start chewing on the zipper of her sleep sack, so I'd rather have her chew on a duck than a metal zipper. It melts my heart every time I see her sleeping with it!

Today she rolled over onto her tummy to do some yoga stretches . . . 

 . . . and decided to stay there for a snooze. :)

Monday and Tuesday we stayed home all day because it was so cold and windy and we didn't have anywhere we HAD to go. Those were two loooong days! Tuesday was especially long because Lucy is teething . . . again . . and wanted everything in her mouth. But everything she put in her mouth hurt her gums so she'd cry. It was a vicious, vicious cycle. I distracted her for a bit by taking off her pants. Works every time!

We finally headed out on Wednesday, and Lucy fell asleep looking oh so cute! Sorry about the lighting, this picture was taken in the garage while Lucy was still in her carseat.

Hello hair bows . . . and a grown up looking baby!

On Thursday Matty had to go to the Auto Show for work so he got to sleep in and hang out for a bit in the morning. He's enjoying a leisurely breakfast of granola eating and email checking. 

I am totally fine with Lucy watching ten minutes of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood if it means I can empty the dishwasher and straighten things up. She looks genuinely interested!

 Here's LuLu at Cuddle and Bounce. Miss Karen brought out a SpongeBob tent and filled it with chime balls. Lucy LOVED being inside the tent!

And last, but certainly not least, Lucy got a new winter hat today. How could I resist?!

This weekend we go to my nephew, Gordie's, second birthday party. It's a puppy theme! I saw on the news that the new popular thing to do for birthday parties is to rent puppies for the day . . . because apparently bounce houses just don't cut it anymore.  Carla, if you are reading this, there better be some live pups running around! ;) I'm sure I'll have some adorable pictures. Have a great weekend!


  1. No live puppies, but I do have a plush puppy pound for the kids to adopt a pet!! :) I love every single picture (except for the one where you don't win even a few bucks), but I love the pic of Lucy in her car seat in the garage. And I love that she's sleeping with her duck now! So sweet :) See you on Saturday!

  2. A plush puppy pound is going to be so cute! Can't wait!